Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy me, happy feet

I am a happy man. Because what's that there, nestling under my TV? Why - it's an Xbox 360!

Join me in an air-punch people!


So my bro was also excited about my Xbox, to the point that he got himself over to my place (not myspace) extremely quickly. We plugged it in, got it going, I sorted out my gamer profile (my picture is of cheeky monkey - oo-oo!) , and then we loaded up Project Gotham Racing 3.


I might've let a bit of wee out.

The graphics are AMAZING. The choice of cars is great. The wireless controllers are incredible, even if I do swoosh them every now and then to move an imaginary wire out of the way (hey, I'm working against the best part of 25 years worth of wired up experience here!). At one point we had a Ferrari F430 and a Lamborghini Gallardo going head-to-head round Piccadilly Circus at 185 mph, which I never thought I'd ever get to do. No doubt there'll be a congestion charge fine in the post soon...

Anyway, I'm super impressed. And so was Simon. So much so that I had to chuck him out when I wanted to go to bed.

My plan here is to big-up my PGR3 skills then get that bad-boy online and try to show some people how it's done!


Yaz and I went to see Happy Feet this evening - y'know, the film about the dancin' penguins.

A couple of things:

• First of all, although it wasn't quite as great as I thought it was going to be, it was still a good way to pass 90 minutes.

• My favourite scene was the baby penguin singing "don't push me, 'cos I'm close to the edge." Genius.

• Like my Xbox, the graphics were amazing!

• Hot damn that penguin can dance!

Things I didn't like? Hmmm... That kid just along the row who insisted on tapping along to the dance sequences REALLY LOUDLY. Grrr.

And the result of the film? Well, I really want to go dancing. I want to bust some moves like that penguin. Maybe not tap dancing, but dancing nevertheless.

Bizarrely, I've also got right into Strictly Come Dancing recently. I can see a pattern developing here, and there's only one way I think it's going to reach a resolution...

Although it'll have to wait until I've got some quality Xbox time in.


Dinah said...

Dance dance dance!

Of all the contestants, I only recognize Baby Spice and Ray Fearon, but that's more than I thought I might. I love Ballroom Dancing.

Tim said...

I don't know why I've gotten into it... I think it might be the judge, Bruno Tonioli, who sounds like Khan from Star Trek II but says the most outlandish things.

I think I might have to write a post about how I seem to have adopted his accent...

Dinah said...

He judges the American Dancing with the stars, too. If you've adopted his accent, that is AWESOME.