Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Jude imperitive

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? I hope so. I did; got up early, over to Sparky Ma and Pa's, then lots of presents, food, and fun. Good times indeed.

Boxing Day I sat around and played the two new Xbox games that Simon got me - Lego Star Wars II (literally the most hilarious game I've EVAH played) and Gears of War (amazing, but VERY scary).

Then, of course, in the afternoon I headed over to Sweatband's place to check in on her cat, Jude (the dude). Now I know that people say cats aren't the most sociable of creatures, but from the moment I opened the door Jude was meowing and running alongside me trying to trip me up. Was he trying to kill me? Has he developed a taste for human flesh? Ooo...

Anyway, I fed him, filled his water bowl, and cleared out his litter tray (nice). Now, having watched me refill his water bowl you would've thought this would have been an indication to Jude that he didn't need to drink out of the toilet. But no, he did. Seriously, if he can work out how to balance to drink from the loo, how come he can't turn round the other way and use it properly? That would certainly save me from having to see his litter tray again, I tell you.

After all the chores were done, Jude and I sat down to watch E.T. Well, I say 'we' - Jude got a bit excitable and started running around, scratching the sofa (I hope it still has a left arm when Sweatband returns), and attacking the curtains. He tired himself out after about 30 minutes, then decided he wanted to sit where I was sitting on the sofa.

Anyway, he was no trouble at all, and I'd gladly look after the little bugger again in the future. Oh, and I only had to call him Judith once!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Hmmm... For a feline, Jude (the dude) looks remarkably... amenable.

I'm glad you only had one 'Judith' moment.

Ha Ha! First, losers!

skillz said...

Judith looks painfully cynical.

Miss T said...

Jude is the cutest! I hope you gave him some manly cat cuddles (wherein you make the boy cat not feel all girly by talking about football).

Cats are such girly creatures.

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Jude is quite the sweety. He didn't misbehave too much, and I'd put most of it down to excitement anyway!

Skillz - Don't all cats?

Miss T - Jude's not a hug fan, so I mainly stroked him manfully and then tried to convince him that E.T. really was worth watching.

Girly creatures? Wouldn't it've been something if I'd opened the door to find him clumping around in some high heels or something?

Miss T said...

Ahhh. Different strokes for er... different cats. Actually, most cats are definitely not huggable, I just happen to share my life with a very huggy cat. She's insatiable.

I guess girly could be replaced by
'cats are like runway models'. You know, cause they prance about, looking haughty and sneer at you a lot, because you aren't as pretty as them.

Tim said...

D'ffrent Strokes? Whatchoo talking 'bout Miss T?

I know what you mean - I think Jude's very proud of his bell and tag combo. Work it, baby!