Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm a scrubber!

Ah, the first day of a long Christmas break... And how did I spend this much-needed first day off?

By cleaning my house from top to bottom and going into work, of course!

(It's not as bad as it sounds, stick with me!)

I'd planned for today to be my cleaning day for quite a while, actually. Quite frankly I'd been neglecting household chores for a while now - and by that I don't mean I was sitting in a pile of poo amid tons of washing up. No, rather I'd just not hoovered for a while. And you know it needs doing when there's tumbleweed-stylee dustballs rolling over the floor; on the plus side, it does keep your feet toasty while you're playing Xbox.

So anyway, there I was at 11 o'clock this morning, hoovering, washing the downstairs floor (it's wood, not carpet - I'm not THAT stupid), then scrubing the bathroom till it shone - bless the amazing cleaning power of Cillit Bang. I contemplated eating my lunch off the toilet - it was that clean. But then I would've felt compelled to clean it again.

After that, it was a quick shower, then into work to check over those last bits that got away from us last week, courtesy of my Nemesis' dicking around. Three hours later I was on the drive home.

Christmas can truly start... NOW!


There was an interesting thing on the radio this evening - apparently some survey has revealed that most kids today want to grow up to be... a celebrity, of course! Who the hell needs doctors and engineers!?

I wanted to be a bus driver when I was a kid. I was besotted with red London buses. But I've ended up editing Star Trek magazines. Fortunately, I also wanted to be Captain Kirk, so you could say it all kind of worked out OK. Ironic, though, that I've gotten closer to being Captain Kirk than being a bus driver - but we'll label that under 'a good thing,' I think.

And now I'm intrigued: what did you want to be vs what you are now?


skillz said...

Dustballs? like in that PSP advert?

I wanted to be a dentist. Or as American people pronounce it, a 'dennis'.

Unfortunately I was too thick to do it!

Tara said...

I wanted to be a veterinarian, then when I heard that would take more years of school than I could handle, I then wanted to be a storm chaser. Just looked cool, I could've held the camera while someone else drove around looking for tornados. Then after that I wanted to be a parapsychologist and ghost hunt.

I work at a college now, and I just went on a ghost hunt back in November with a group of other ghost enthusiasts!

Oh and I let the vacuuming go too, and by the time I sweep my carpet, I could build another cat with the amount of tumbleweed I pick up.

Miss T said...

Tara, that is so cool! I toyed with the idea of parapsychology at university!

Umm, when I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher and a writer. One out of two ain't bad! I changed my mind a lot over the years, but I ended up back at square one.

As for the tidying, I am slowly working through a pile of laundry that was about three quarters my own height. Oh, the ironing...

Tim said...

Skillz - Yes, just like the PSP ad. Why are Sony using dust to advertise their products? Am I missing something??

I can picture THAT meeting...

Sony Exec #1: We need a funky mascot for PSP!

Sony Exec #2: Um... how about two dustballs?

Sony Exec #1: Ooo, I like it! Their edgy, fun dustballs - just like the PSP! Give that man a pay rise!

A dentist? There's money in that my friend...

Tara - So you're essentially saying you wanted to be a ghostbuster? That's awesome! They do ghost walks around ol' London town at night, apparently - I've been meaning to go on one sometime. Did you see anything spooky on your hunt?

And PLEASE build a dust cat and take a photo of it - that would be hilarious!!

Miss T - I think you had some sort of special calling. Like Luke Skywalker. Except where he had a lightsabre you've got a ruler and some pens. Have you got a robot hand? I bet you've developed the force - can you quieten the children with a wave of your hand?

One of the bonus features of being a boy is that you never need to iron anything. You just give it a shake and hang it up. Works a treat!

Dinah said...

In 1990 when I was in Kindergarten, we put a big "I want to be..." book in a time capsule. Mine said I wanted to be a writer, or maybe an author, I can't remember which. That's the only thing I've ever really wanted to do. So now I'm an English student who writes infrequently except for her blog, but still dreams of it. Does that count?

Miss T said...

Dinah - hell, yes that counts!

Timbo that's awesome. No, I don't have a robotic hand, but I do have one of those hands on a stick and you pull the lever and it grasps things... does that count.

Oh, yes. I do have a hand gesture that makes the kids be quiet. It's accompanied by a teacher psycho stare, so I am undecided about whether it's the force on not that I am using...

Dora and Tina said...

I always wanted to be a teacher. Always. I am pretty crap at everything else, so lucky I went with that.

Today I got given a modern teaching aid as a present: A plastic pointing hand on a stick.

I'm so going to post pictures of it.

Tim said...

Dinah - when you were in kindergarten in 1990!? I was in my second year of secondary school then!!! Ha ha ha - make me feel old why don't ya!!!!

Blogs and dreams totally count - apparently Time Magazine have just voted us all person of the year, and put a mirrored cover on the latest issue, because they think that bloggers are changing the world. So yes, blogging absolutely counts.

Miss T - Ooo, you technically DO have a robot hand then! A grasping, grabbing robot hand! Awesome!

I think you do have the force. Have you had a medichlorine count done recently?

Dora - Another one who's living her dream!

I'm kind of hoping that your pointy hand flips the kids the finger if they're being naughty, and then they all gasp and put their fingers on their lips.

Please tell me that's true...

Tara said...

I went to the Ohio State Reformatory, which is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in America. It's also where they filmed "Shawshank Redemption". The whole place was spooky, but I didn't see anything potentially ghostly until I developed a few pictures that were questionable.

Dinah said...

I forgot to say how awesome it is you're closer to being Captain Kirk than a bus driver.

And I threw in the date on purpose :)

I want a robotic hand!

Tim said...

Ooo... Tara, you should definitely post those pictures!! You've tempted us this far, you can't leave us dangling!

Dinah - Bizarre, isn't it? Sometimes I still daydream about what it would be like to be a bus driver though.

Yes, I thought you snuck that date in on purpose, you cheeky little thing!

Tara said...

Here are the posts about my ghost hunt. The last one mentioned has some mysterious photos. Enjoy!

I Won’t Cross the Streams

Tara Goes on Her Ghost Hunt!

It’s Monday and I’m Here

Mysterious Stuff at the Ohio State Reformatory

Tim said...

Tara, that is one scary-ass looking building!! I can completely understand why you wouldn't want to separate off from the rest of the group!

I think you've inspired me to go on a ghosty evening walk if I can find one!

solevoice said...

Hey Tim,

Just wanted to wish you Happy Christmas!

Best Wishes,


Tim said...

Hey Solevoice!

And a very Happy Christmas to you too!

Take it easy!!