Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Decorations ahoy!

Have you noticed that Christmas is creeping up on us? Exciting, innit?


What are you, the Grinch?

Anyway, we got our Christmas tree at work last week, and aside from Scanner Dave just lobing a bit of tinsel on it, it's remained undecorated and wholly unfestive.

What else to do but jump into action!


Now, I don't know what says Christmas more to you than putting a plastic Captain Kirk action figure at the top of the tree, so that's exactly what I did.

Isn't it stunning?

Phasers on stunning, actually!

And against all expectations my workmates agree. Captain Kirk is remaining atop our little tree. I added Sulu this afternoon. He's also allowed to stay, but I've been told that's my limit.

Might have to rearrange the tinsel a bit though...


Tara said...

Thanks for the afternoon laugh! (Now, in best Captain Kirk voice) - "[Christmas]...the final frontier..."

So Sulu and Kirk can both fit on top of the tree? Do they get along? You should throw some tinsel around their necks or something. Too funny.

Tim said...

Sulu is lower down the tree, as befits his rank. That and the fact that he's a larger action figure and I don't think the top of the tree could support him.

I've posed Sulu so that he's hanging off the tree like Gene Kelly hanging of a lamp post in Singing in the Rain, with one hand held aloft.

I might also arrange some other figures around the base of the tree.

I'll get some more pics tomorrow!

Dinah said...

Awesomeness abounds! That totally made my day.

I also like the part how others appreciate your genius.

Tim said...

They clearly heard about my high IQ!

Miss T said...

Um.... had Kirk got a tree up his bum? How is he stuck up there???!

Tim said...

No, it's hooked up his shirt... Or at least it was... I'm looking at it now and he is balancing precariously by his bottom!