Friday, December 15, 2006

Driving home for Christmas

...And I'll totally be driving BACK to work on Monday. Yep, that huge-ass argument that I had with my Nemesis the other week has done exactly what I expected it to do and buggered things up a bit. So there's a couple of little bits here and there that need tidying, meaning that I'll swing by the office on Monday afternoon to (in my best Saaaaaf London accent) sort 'em aaaaaaaout!!

On the plus side, my tickets for the Xfm gig on Monday night haven't turned up yet, so as I asked for them to be sent to work I kinda need to pop in anyway. Might as well make myself useful for once!

Anyway, aside from having to go into work while I'm on holiday, I'm currently feeling a little bit "aaaaaaaaaaah..." relaxed.

I hope you are too.

Altogether now:


Doesn't that feel better?


I've brought my office plant home with me for the Christmas break for two reasons. Firstly, I'm worried that it might, erm, die if I leave it there; and secondly, although it's not an evergreen I reckon it'll make a reasonable Christmas tree alternative. I won't weight it down with baubles or anything though - that would just be silly.

Hopefully it won't die; Sparky Ma has already nursed it back to health once in the last couple of years in a Florence Nightingale stylee, and I think she'd go "harumph" and look at me in a stern fashion if I asked her to do so again. On the otherhand, I do think she quite liked it in that spot by the window (which looks a tad bare now), so it's swings and roundabouts really.


Ooo, look - end of worky, bye-bye beardy!

Hmmm... kinda regret doing that, actually...


Can you believe it?! I the hell can't! I sailed by the 300 posts mark the other day. This is officially, I reckon, the most consistently written thing I've ever written. Shame most of it is tat, but fortunately I've set the bar pretty low so things can only get better!


Miss T said...

Bah! Nemeses bedamned! Well, you can at least run your hands thoughtfully along your chin and imitate a shaving commercial.

Although you may not want to waterski or tango with a model in the office in front of him, as per said commercials.

Tim said...

Shaving commercial suave-ness? Miss T - I'd not thought of that!!

My Nemesis doesn't actually work for us - he's at another company but he get's to interfere here and there. I might go a little bit more indepth on the situation sometime...

Right! I'm off to run my hands over my face in a thoughtful manner. The best a man can get? Damn right! Bring on the lasers and sexy lady scientists.

skillz said...

Your shaved look is remeniscient of Robocop.

Tim said...




Dinah said...

I like both looks. Although acting like you're in a commercial does have its benefits.

Tim said...

I need to find a soft rock theme song to play in the background as I stroke my chin thoughtfully and get groped by intelligent-looking supermodels...

Will said...

326. You're closing in on me.

Also: I once didn't shave for about a month, and then I decided to get rid of it. As I shaved the beard off, I felt a terrible physical nausea. What's that about?

skillz said...

Was Murphy the first (and only?) Irish robot?

Tim said...

Will - It does feel weird shaving it off, doesn't it? Clogs the razor up too, which was annoying.

It didn't make me feel nauseaous though. What IS that all about? Is there a doctor reading?

Skillz - wasn't there a stereotypical Irish-bot in Futurama? I can't believe RoboCop was the only Irish cyborg!

Tara said...

Hope you're all done with working on your holiday and that you can officially start it back up again (your holiday, not work).

Tim said...

All done - hooray!

Trashy films and unhealthy food here I come!!