Saturday, December 09, 2006

A night at Sparky's

Last night was so old school. Or is that old skool? I don't know - answers on a postcard please.

Anyway, so I totally turned time back last night. It was like being 19 again or something. This is the evening in a nutshell (post Happy Feet, I should add):

• Home.
• Microwave curry (Mmmmm!)
• Washing up (OK, kinda shouldn't have mentioned that because I NEVER did washing up as a 19 year old)
• Xbox on.
• Play Project Gotham Racing 3.
• Find an Xbox arcade game where you have to make a space station profitable (so addictive - it's like what I imagine Deep Space Nine mixed with crack would be like).
• Look at clock. Hot damn it's 2am!

I haven't played video games into the night in YEARS. I'm liking this Xbox thing. Unfortunately, I sorta figure that everyday life might get in the way at some point.



What do you mean you expected your Christmas presents to be wrapped?


Dinah said...

I would totally have played SNES into the night if I hadn't been a guest in someone's house. Actually, I did manage to play it a disproportionate amount of time as it was.

I'm just happy you're enjoying it.

Tim said...

You should have! Or ripped the plug out of the wall and taken it home with you!!