Sunday, December 31, 2006

A fever you can't sweat out

I'm not usually a fan of the week between Christmas and New Year; the week before Christmas - great. The week after, not so good, probably because of the impending doom of having to return to work. But this year I've disliked it for an entirely different reason.

I've been ill. Bah!

Christmas Day and Boxing Day I was as perky as a porn star's titties. Wednesday though... God, even the thought of it sends a shiver down my spine. I woke up during the night and sensed a little sore throat. Thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. Woke up around 10 in the morning with a full-on sore throat. Got up intending to stick to my routine of Xbox and telly - it is technically a holiday after all - but steadily got a bit more... well, ill, throughout the day.

By four in the afternoon I was sitting in bed reading my book. By half four I was in bed with a freaky fever the likes of which I've never experienced before; I kept having hallucinations of Lego Star Wars II, although that could possibly have something to do with having played Lego Star Wars II too much. I slept through till about 10 at night, then sat in the bathroom as close to the toilet as humanly possible because there seemed to be every chance that I might go all Linda Blair and redecorate the entire house green (I didn't, fortunately). After half an hour by the toilet (during which time I decided I really don't like the lilac paint that the previous owner painted the bathroom and resolved to change it at some point in the New Year) I returned to bed and slept fitfully through until 10:30 Thursday, when I discovered that although the fever had gone the sore throat remained.

Anyway, I quarantined myself in Sparky Towers for a couple of days, and only ventured out for the first time on Friday when I popped out to collect my comics. It was only as I walked into the shop that I realised I hadn't spoken to anyone in two days, and I wasn't sure I even could.

"Hello!" I squeaked, sounding every bit like a spotty teenager whose voice is breaking. Arse, I thought, as my comic shop pals laid into me for all the comedy value it was worth. Good times.

So now I STILL don't have my proper voice back, but I do have a sexy husky voice. Makes me wish I'd recorded my bit for that Radio 2 Star Trek documentary now rather than a year ago. Quick! Get me a radio gig! Some voiceover work? How about an adult chatline?!

(By the way - I took the post title from the Panic! At the Disco song of the same name. Question: is the Panic! At the Disco album any good? I'm tempted to buy it because I'm strangely drawn to their overly-wordy emo-trappings, but I'm a tad concerned that I Write Sins Not Tragedies could be their only decent song...)


magikero said...

ye there's not much fun with the looong week after christmas, really have nothing much to do.

Tim said...

Yeah... So might as well be ill!

It's just a shame it couldn't have waited until next week then I could've blagged some more time off work!

Miss T said...

Glad you are feeling better Timbo! And as for panic at the disco.... I can't comment, as I have nothing nice to say about the rest of their stuff.

At least you had comedy value with the squeaky voice for a bit!

skillz said...

Hope you make a full recovery. Lemsip Max Strength capsules, they're the bomb.

Also try green tea and honey for getting your voice back. If they don't work, I'd start to entertain the possibility of someone having placed a voodoo curse on you.

Tim said...

Miss T - Yeah, that's why I've hesitated over buying the album. I sort of figure that I'd be better off just downloading that one track I like... Hmmm!

Squeaky voice AND the congestion made me go deaf again!!! ARRRRGH!!! Thankfully it just popped back.

Skillz - Yeah, I thought about running out for some Lemsip, but I've just started downing the Tesco Blackcurrent Glycerine cough medicine I've got which tastes just delicious. Who cares if it works or not!

I can't do green tea, it makes me feel ill(er). Must be the voodoo curse then. DAMN MY NEMESIS!

Dinah said...

I like about half of the stuff from P!atD (as the cool kids call it), and by "like" i mean i listen to it every so often on my iPod without the urge to go to the next song. the rest, though, made me shudder with dislike. So...I dunno.

Hope you're feeling better and/or putting your sexy voice to good use.

Tim said...

Yeah, see this is the problem I have with them. I think they're one of those bands I could quite easily say "why the hell did I buy that?!" in a few months time. Prob best just to download I like Sins... and let that be the extent of my adoration!

Anonymous said...

so who are you ??

Tim said...

I'm me - who the heck are you?