Friday, December 22, 2006

The Judith debriefing

I've been set an incredibly important task to do over Christmas: I'm looking after Sweatband's cat, Jude (the dude).

So today I popped round to Sweatband's to get the skinny on Jude's foibles and behavioural patterns. He does have his foibles, you see. Well, wouldn't you if your previous owner had called you Geri after the erstwhile Ginger Spice? And as if that wasn't bad enough, it also ignores the fact that you've got a pee-pee.

Anyway, so round to Sweatband's I went, where Jude stared at me a lot, and then tried to rest his little head on my shoulder. He also sniffed my face, which is a good sign, I think.

So I've been fully briefed about my cat sitting duties, ranging from feeding and providing attention to chucking out his poo. And if he misbehaves I've been given the authority to call him Judith, because he hates that.


It's been super-foggy in my part of the world over the last couple of days. And I mean SUPER FOGGY. I've even had to use my fog lights when I've gone out in the car. I was going to take a photo to show you all, but seeing as it would just turn out all grey I really didn't think they'd be much point...


They're advertising the new season of The OC on the telly - could I be anymore excited? I'm literally wishing Christmas away in anticipation...


So what else have I been doing over the last couple of days? Weeeeeeeeeell, I've been watching Season Five of Smallville on DVD, I attended Christmas drinks for my old company, and I've been playing a lot of Xbox. A LOT. And that's because Star Trek: Legacy finally came out, so I've been living out my starship captain fantasies, both in the single player game, and on the multiplayer Xbox Live version.

Now, single player wise I'm doing OK. I'm coordinating my fleet of four ships quite well, and getting to grips with blowing those wily Romulans out of the sky.

Online play is another matter, however. Annoyingly, no one has yet taken the bait and recreated the famous Wrath of Khan battle sequence with me. In fact, they usually just turn up with the most powerful ship they can and blow my warp nacelles off, which is a tad unsporting. Still, I've got some reasonably decent matches in, and I've only had the game for just over a day, so things can only get better (I hope).

So it's pretty much just Smallville and Xbox from here on in, scattered throughout with some present delivering, a combined catch-up and cinema trip with Jo, and ... um, that's about it! Life seems so much less complicated when that's all you've got to fill your days.

What the hell's everyone else up to?


Miss T said...

I am literally chilling like a villain. I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday!

Ummm. Lots of TV. Having a League of Gentlemenathon. Avoiding wire coat hangers... oh and reading "the curious incident of the dog in the night" which I am loving.

Holidays are maximum super number one awesomo power!

Oh, and Jude the Obscure Kitty seems to like you. Cats are the best.

Tim said...

Miss T - You chill like that villain, you damn well deserve it!!!

Holidays ARE super number one awesomo power - TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!

And Jude is awesome; he's got super-long teeth that hang out of his mouth, like a vampire. I'm looking forward to being his boss!

Just lead my fleet to another victory, now back to Smallville!

Dinah said...

I watched The OC last night, I haven't been really following this season (number four? number three? I can't remember) but I always enjoy Rachel Bilson. And Ryan Atwood. And Seth. Well, the cast is pretty great, actually.

I have been a DVD watching, book reading, chocolate-eating, pyjama-bottom wearing drain since I got home..AND I LOVE IT!

(That's my best Bruno for you).

Tim said...

Yep, you're getting Season Four ahead of us Britlanders... NO SPOILERS!!!!!

I love The OC SOOOOOOOOOO much; it's totally my guilty pleasure. And now they've gotten rid of Marissa it should be awesome to the power of three!

Am I the only one who heart Taylor Townsend big time? Marcosy sent me some pics of her in her undercrackers accompanied by an interview where she was going on about wanting to be taken seriously as an actress and hating all these models and singers who get in on it... Hmmm...!

(Adopting my Bruno best) DINAH! You are a lounge-lizard chillout slut and YOU LOVE IT! TEN!!!