Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reasons why I don't drink #1

I mean, just look at those eyes. Those are crazy man eyes.

I remember when this picture was taken, which is quite surprising seeing as I'd downed 13 bottles of that tart fuel I'm holding. Strangely, I haven't been able to drink it in the intervening six years.

Oh, and that hat is *so* not mine. Someone popped it on my head, and I was too off my tits to shake it off.

(Thanks to Marcosy who forwarded the incriminating evidence from my dim and distant past. Apparently he has more, which is a tad worrying)


skillz said...

That hat/jacket combo is badass... Kinda makes you look like an Amish pimp.

Tim said...

Ha ha! Thanks ... I think?!

I just need some homely Amish ho's now.

M said...

Amish-amed to say, it occured to me Tim Westwoody could do an Amish "Pimp My Wagon and Horse" TV show!

Only none of the Amish would see it, as they don't have TVs... Doh!

But it could be a feature of their local village féte.

Are there any Amish around Heathrow? They might turn up at your local féte?

Tim said...

féte!? I'll have you know it's a fayre! There's a difference ... I don't know what it is, but there is one!

Maybe it has something to do with Amish people...!

Tim said...

I just realised that I look like the unholy lovechild of The Joker and Superman Returns director Bryan Singer in that photo.

M said...

The difference?

With the latter one, there's a fayre chance you'll have some fun and still get out alive; with the former, if it's really bad, it could be a féte worse than death...

Tim said...

Oh my god - that's awful!

Do you want a slap!?

Anonymous said...

Only if a 'slap' is thin and papery, and has the words "Muse Ticket" printed on it.

Tried all day Friday (even listening to the Campfield Rock Show) to win a ticket on Xfm, and no luck. :-(

M said...

^^^^^ That was me by the way... Doh! ^^^^^

Tim said...

That's not what I meant by a slap.

If I'd meant that, I would've said: "do you want a Muse ticket?"

I'll let you know what it's like though - muwahahahaha!!!!