Sunday, June 18, 2006

Me, Dave, and 84,999 other people

And so, Foosday dawned. One incredibly confined and sweaty tube journey, and we were at Hyde Park.

Unfortunately, we were a little too late to catch Juliette and the Licks, but unless Joy from My Name is Earl came on stage and roundhoused her before stealing her teeth, I wasn't too bothered. We also missed most of Airwaves and Arseholes or whatever Blink 182 blokeys new band is called; unfortunately, we did not miss his inspiring speeches about how he is "gonna conquer the world," and how we're all "amazing," and we're going to help him conquer the world, or some such nonsense. He actually came off sounding a little like a mad dictator. *Cough* twat.

Next up was the mighty Queens of the Stone Age. I quite liked them, though Josh Homme appears to be transforming into Elvis. We were, by this time, all shook up.

Following the Queens was Motorhead. Yes, Lemmy - warts 'n all.

Y'know, I'm not a big Motorhead fan, I've decided - though Ace of Spades did rock. I bet Lemmy's leather trousers chaffed in the hot weather though.

I got a little distracted while waiting for the Foos to come on.

Seriously, I bet they chaffed too.

Anyway, then it was time for Dave and the boys. And how great it was...

They even had lasers. And god knows, I do love a frikkin' 'laser' show.

And for the encore, they even had bloody Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen!

I promise this is Brian May (You could see his massive perm from where we were without the screens!)

And then, after a beautiful version of Everlong, it was over, and we were left to fight our way through the sea of bottles and paper cups back to the tube. On the way we discussed how we could combine the surviving members of Queen with some of the members of Korn to create a new supergroup: Quorn.

(None of us like the idea of the other alternative: Keane - ugh!)

Anyway, it was, it must be said, Foos-tastic.

Some things to note:

I only got hit by one bottle which was NOT full of wee.

I was never quite THIS thirsty:

Rock 'n roll!


M said...

And I had my picture taken with 'The JLC' – yes, Justin Lee Collins was there to rawk (and drink heavily by the look of his eyes!).

Good times.

skillz said...

God I HATE Juliette Lewis. She has no business trying to be a rock star. You're trying to be Karen O, and it's not working Jules. Give it up. Give it up, baby give it up! Nana nana nana na na na, baby give it up!

Sorry, got sidetracked there. What was I saying again?

Oh yeah, FOD Lewis, you pretender.

skillz said...

By the way, that was in no way meant to be disparaging to The Pretenders, who I love.

Tim said...

M - yes, you did have your photo with JLC. Good times indeed!

Skillz - Tell me about it. I bloody hate Juliette Lewis - she reminds me of the slightly sinister/possible sexual deviant/definite weirdo kid who used to live across the road from me. She did come on to sing with Motorhead, but looked a tad bewildered, like she was a bit 'special' and had somehow managed to find her way onto the stage.

Dora and Tina said...

Now that was an awesome review of the events. The laser show looked like great touch by the Foo boys.

I would like to see this Quorn phenomenon explored some more though. It intrigues me.

Tim said...

You can't go wrong with lasers.

Foo Fighters + lasers = AWESOME! (I've now got 20/20 vision as well!)

I definitely think there could be some mileage in Quorn - they could be the meat-free alternative to the more traditional rawk groups!

Miss T said...

I agree, I've always thought that Juliet Lewis looked a bit "special"

Quorn sounds like a much more rock-pig name than Korn. Korn is just badly spelled Corn, which is very wholesome, as a matter of fact.

Where the Foos and Blink playing Manchester as well by any chance???

Tim said...

Corn is very wholesome - especially popped, buttered, and salted, in my opinion. Korn, in contrast, is just loud, stupid, and obnoxious.

The Foos did indeed play Manchester - sorry, Madchester - on Sunday. Not too sure if Blinkety-blankety blokey joined 'em though...

Dora and Tina said...

Well I'm glad that the Foo's not only entertained you, but also corrected your vision - SCORE!

In another note, thank god people starting slinging shit at Korn. I really dislike that band....I would even go so far as to say I hate them. I know strong words, but nothing they do or say can change my feelings about them. Unless they wise up and spelt their name correctly OR changed it to Quorn. That would be a start.

Tim said...

Hey! Maybe we should start some anti-Korn campaign? We could tie it in with a child literacy drive, and healthy eating - undoubtedly Quorn would sponser us!

Who's with me!?