Monday, June 12, 2006

I was young and I needed the money

As you may recall, I've been posting a bit recently about my training for the 10k run (or, to put it honestly, my lack thereof).

On saturday, I noted three areas of concern:

1. Mouth-breathing
2. Hay-fever
3. Excessive sweating

I've literally just stepped in the door after another run, and I'm glad to see that these problem areas are in the process of being beaten into submission, as follows:

1. I'm concentrating more on my breathing, regulating it and ensuring that I use my nasal passages, and not my cakehole.
2. Thank the loooooord for Piriton !
3. Well... I thought I might just say I'm doing a series of educational photographs with Heather Mills.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Shit! I do all three without even running. The mouth breathing because of the blocked nose (due to hayfever - Bah!) and the sweating because it's so. Bloody. Hot!


Tim said...

Well if anyone comments on your summer appearance, you can say that you've just done a run, and you'd like to see them looking perfect after completing a half marathon in sweltering conditions.

Then sneeze on them, shout "humph!" and walk (or stagger) off!

skillz said...

Darth Vader was a mouth-breather, and look what he achieved.

Tim said...

Damn right he was!

But he was also a small child with a pudding bowl haircut who screamed "My name is Annie and I'm a real person!"

I sorta lost all respect for him when I saw Episode I...

skillz said...

"I sorta lost all respect for him when I saw Episode I..."

What?! A TEN YEAR-OLD who tries to chat up Natalie Portman by asking her "Are you an angel?" then ends up shagging her (albeit several years later)?

The guy was a total playa!

Tim said...

True - that is a slick chat-up line. Though I reckon it was the pod racer that sealed the deal; the ladies do love a nice car.

(Though ultimately where did it get her? Unemployed, pregnant, and dead)

Hey! He should've been called Darth Playa - that would've been cool!