Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Elastic bands are my drug

Everyone should have a hobby, I think. Whether it's extreme knitting or shoplifting, the human mind needs something to keep it occupied.

Here's one of my ongoing side projects.

As you can see, it's an elastic band ball (let's ignore my patented stress relief device upon which it sits for the time being).

Now, I first tried my hand at creating an elastic band ball when I was at my last job, ooo, years ago. The thing was, whenever someone needed an elastic band they'd damn well come to me with absolutely no consideration for what I was trying to accomplish. Selfish wenches. By the time I left I'd reached a slightly despondent impasse, so I bequeathed the ball to Mr Chunt, never to hear from it again (the ball, that is, not Chunt).

Anyway, the folks at my current place of employment are a lot more considerate to my elastic band needs, and are constantly feeding me with a seemingly never-ending supply of new, er, bands. Think of me as an elastic band junkie and my colleagues as my devious dealers; I just keep coming back for more.

The picture doesn't really give a good sense of scale, and I didn't really have much to put it up against, aside from the fuzzy-wuzzy Andorian and two Hulk-smash hands that I keep on my desk. Still, take my word that it's marginally bigger, and a damned sight heavier, than a tennis ball.

And, the best part is that it bounces like Tigger on speed; when it's the size of a basketball I'm going to take it down to Ravenscourt Park and shoot some serious hoops.

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