Sunday, June 04, 2006

I think I better run, run, run

So Sweatband, my colleague in senseless running for *ahem* 'fun,' has finally gotten round to the oft-threatened abusive text messages and emails ordering me to actually go out and do some training runs in anticipation of the 10K, which is in three weeks time.

Gosh, she can be quite potty-mouthed when the mood takes her.

Anyway, feeling a bit guilty and not wanting to let her down by crumpling into a heap of vomit seven metres in, I've finally kicked myself into gear, and I'm running like a whippet on speed.

That's a lie, but, y'know, I'm trying.

I've realised that I do need my iPod when I'm running, though, and Sweatband is OK with my antisocial tendencies in this respect. To be honest, if smearing myself in marmite would help me run more she'd be opening the jars for me in a flash. Obviously, I need some 'pumpin' choons' to motivate me, so I'm trying to compile a list of quality running tracks. I figure some Rolling Stones ('cos whether I mean to or not I always end up visualising Mick Jagger running from one side of the stage to the other), probably some Foo Fighters...

And that's where you come in! Yes, YOU! Any suggestions? I'll consider anything, but think pounding basslines because they're always good (No Girls Aloud if you're reading, Lee).

And if anyone thinks they're being funny by suggesting 'Runaway' by The Corrs, I will hunt you down and give you a dry slap, OK?

(Oh, and big-ups to anyone if they know the artist and song I nicked the post heading from)


skillz said...

Block Rockin' Beats by the chems is always a good track for that extra burst of adrenaline.

(by the way, it's Phoenix. Good song, but their best track is deffo Too Young, but that's not very applicable to the post topic)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

How about Alpha Male by Royksopp? Actually no, forget that. Some Daft Punk would surely suppress the urge to vomit?

M said...

Bangin' tunes?

Why not car alarms?!?
I can let you have days 'n days worth of car alarms.
180bpm to get yer heart rate pumpin'.

But you will have to run in a florescent jacket, blow a whistle and wave some glow sticks around like a loon.

And gurn madly.

A lot.

Tim said...

Ooo, good suggestions all... Although M, I've heard your car alarms; I'm afraid I'll have to turn down your gracious offer, at least on this occasion.

That said, I've got the gurning bit down perfectly when I run.

Miss T said...

For some reason the Ministry of Sound Remix of Star Sailor's "Four to the Floor" one always makes me run faster. Maybe it's all the panting in the background.

And here's a freakin' obvious one - what about the "Run Lola Run" Soundtrack. You can pretend you are on mysterious errand.

Tim said...

Ooo... I shall seek out the Ministry of Sound Remix!

And I love the Run Lola Run idea - the course is actually two laps of a street circuit, so it will be like I'm living the same moment over again!!

M said...

Didn't you just say that?

Ohhh, Groundhog day...

Tim said...

I hope not. Unless it happens on the weekend. That would be keeewl.