Monday, June 26, 2006

All hail the king of bling

One day on and I'm still in some sort of weird, post 10k bliss (sorry if this is boring anyone now - feel free to go checkout some knitting blogs or something while I finish up). I woke up today to find my legs a little achy, but aside from that I'm on top of the world (looking down on creation, hmmm?). Oh, and I found out that I finished the course in 55:55, which might not exactly be a time that would worry The Flash, but he's a fictional character and I'm real (or so I've been told), so "ha." It has to be said that the symmetry is kinda nice, too.

Yaz wanted to see the medal (I did mention I'd won one, didn't I?), but I forgot to take it to work with me today. Which is probably a good thing as I'd only have worn it around the office all day, and I don't want to dazzle my co-workers with my bling; they'd only be jealous. I should probably stop wearing my number at some point in the next couple of days too, huh?

So all that aside - what's going on with the weather today? Grey skies and constant rain in summer? I had no choice but to cancel the ticker-tape parade.


Dora and Tina said...

A medal....I think I can hear The Flash cursing your name. He might be fast, but did he ever get a freakin' medal?

Tim said...

Damn right! Though he was a member of the Justice League...

Do you think they'd let me join the Justice League?