Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bits 'n pieces

Blogger's been playing up a bit recently, ain't it? I've had to keep things stored in my little brain... until now!!!


I went for another run the other day. It's funny, I can run for ages on a treadmill down the gym, but out on the street it's another story completely. Maybe it's because I'm constantly looking out for uneven pavement on which to trip, and curly whirly dog poo on which to slip. I've also noticed that after about 20 metres I start mouth-breathing, which is pretty upsetting to admit to because then I start looking like a sweaty mouth-breather. Not a good look. If I can't rectify the situation by the day of the 10k run, I might feign some sort of spasmodic attack and writhe around on the floor in an attempt to get some sympathy around 30 seconds in.

I'm sure that'll work.

Ooo, I saw Poseidon today. What a complete waste of time. I read that Wolfgang Peterson said that the characters were more realistic than those in the original; well, I'd have to agree, as long as your idea of realistic characters consists of former fireman and ex-mayor of New York Kurt Russell, ironically-named Lucky Larry who is dispatched pretty early on (and played by Kevin Dillion who looks and acts a bit like I'd imagine a failed, slightly retarded clone of Matt Dillion would look and act), and the obligatory annoying kid, feeble crying women, and stereotypical gay man.

I sat there actively willing the ship to sink faster.

I mean, who the hell thinks dialogue such as "You're a hero. You saved us all," and "I love you Mom!" is acceptable in this day and age?

It was either that or The Omen. No doubt I'll see that and moan about it next week...


Ryan said...

Looking forward! :p

Tim said...

I do love a bad movie.

And so far this year there's been loads of 'em!