Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Finally getting some culture

So last night, Yaz and I rocked up town for a night at the theatre. What stuffy old play or camp old musical did we go to see? Why, it is was neither a stuffy old play nor a camp old musical - it was Avenue Q.

(And it was thanks to Xfm that we went 'cos I won the tickets off their website)

Avenue Q you say? What the hell is that?! Well, it is a musical, featuring puppets, that is also quite rude, smutty, and offensive; think of it as the unholy love child of South Park and Sesame Street. I loved it. And I knew I was going to love it when I read that the musical numbers included songs entitled 'If you were gay,' 'Everyone's a little bit rascist,' and 'The Internet is for porn.'

So the songs are great, but what about the plot? Ah, you know... it's the age-old story of boy meets monster, boy falls in love with monster, boy and monster engage in some hardcore puppet sex… Nothing you wouldn't have seen elsewhere, but done VERY well.

Note to Andrew Lloyd Webber: if more musicals featured offensive songs and puppet sex, I'd probably go and see a few more. Imagine the Sound of Music if the Von Trapps stopped singing about "dough" and "deer" and started bumping nasties with each other.

What do you mean they're related. REALLY? Gosh... Eeooou!

Anyway, if you're in London, go see it. I think I might again. And hopefully the old man that Yaz got chatting to on the tube was convinced to go see it too; I think she sold it really well by saying it was just full of "puppets and sex"; I saw him raise his eyebrows. I bet he instantly regretted buying those tickets for Sunday in the Park with George

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