Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Wednesday post

Here's today's most notable points:

• We had the telly on in the office today hoping to catch sight of our advert for the new mag 'n DVD collection. We tuned to ITV, and were watching This Morning with Phillip and Fern. The postman, who I must add is a little bit too talkative, walked in and immediately confessed to a, erm, fondness for 'Fatty Fern.' At that moment she was sampling a cocktail, and I mentioned that she was 'hitting the booze.' Postie thought I said 'boobs,' and proceeded to tell me how she probably has to have custom bras made (at a shop near Harrods no less) to accommodate her lovelies. Cue fixed grin, and attempts to end conversation with postie, who was by this time apparently drifting off to enjoy some special mental time.

• Flicked over to BBC2, which was showing an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I guessed the episode purely from a Troi/Riker scene. GET IN! Bow down before me, for I am truly king of the nerdlingers!

• Flicked back to This Morning with Phillip and Fern in time to see informative features about about spousal abuse and bull's semen hair conditioning treatment. Interesting.

• Met Marcosy for lunch. Marcosy does not like Starbucks coffee, but was quite insistant about wanting to go there today. The penny dropped, and I told him I was not going to allow him to come into contact with new favourite barista lady. Forced him to go to Neros in Chiswick. He did however, ask three questions, the answers to which were 'yes,' 'no,' and 'I don't know.'

• Lunchtime conversation consisted of discussion based on yesterday's naked housework theme. General consensus: I don't do many things naked. Am I repressed?

• Return to office after two hour lunch. Doesn't time fly?

• Engage in friendly office banter that ultimately ends up with semi-serious discussion about whether I would sexy-dance for cash.

• Editing and re-write of T'Pau article becomes a rather long drawn out affair due to me researching, playing loudly, and miming along to 'China in you hand' by T'Pau. Give a little bit of heart and soul, people.

• Weather warning - snow tomorrow! Make executive decision to work from home. Might make a snowman on the front lawn first thing, though. I'll see how things go.


Dinah said...

Now I need to know if you would sexydance for cash.

Sounds like a good day!

missy&chrissy said...

T'pau's "heart and soul" is one of my most favourite 80s songs! i have never heard anyone else reference it before.

and your morning show hosts drink booze on-air?? you aren't repressed, tim...our network programming execs are.

Tim said...

Dinah - That's a question that, for the time being at least, will have to go unanswered!

Missy and Chrissy - All hail the mighty voice of Carol Decker! I have a soft spot for T'Pau - in fact, Heart and Soul is playing in my mind now!!

As for the TV host, Fern, well she was sampling this super-powerful cocktail that Prince Harry apparently likes. That said, however, she does look like the sort of lady that would down 15 pints and a yard of ale on a good night out!!

T-Bird said...

Ok, this is an answer to your plaintive plea of 'why?' re: naked things.

I honestly don't know. Just a preference, I guess!

Sexy dancing for money on the other hand? Hmmmm... one to ponder. I dunno about that.

Tim said...

Um... OK! Fair enough!! But then you do live in one of the hottest countries on the planet, whereas at the moment I'm looking out the window to a couple of inches of snow...

Naked snowball fight - BRING IT!!!!!!

Sexy dancing - yes, I'm not quite sure how I became the subject of that topic. Maybe it's the sexy price I have to pay for being so sexy?

Will said...

As Fern's parodied her fatness in adverts, she's now only fat in an ironic way. So don't dis'.

Tara said...

If you make a snowman, take a picture for your blog. A guy and his son made a snowman about a week or so ago. Due to frigid temps, it stayed in tact, but now it's withering and a little dirty from the cars going by, and it looks depressed. It needs a makeover. :)

Sounds like you work in a fun office environment!

Dinah said...

You can't give me popcorn and say no butter! Alright, I guess you will maintain your air of mystery for now (sexy air of sexy mystery?).

Plus, I just like the word sexydance. Hee!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

All this sexy talk is making me come over all sexily peculiar. How sexy.

Tim said...

Will - She presents This Morning in extraordinarily low-cut tops. She is fair game.

Tara - I totally forgot about making a snowman! A depressed snowman? That sounds like an awesome idea for a reality TV show - Mega-snowman celebrity makeover!

A fun office doesn't describe the half of it!!

Dinah - Depends on the amount, I s'pose! But it's still a sexy-mystery!

Inexplicable Device - I think you just broke the record for the use of the word 'sexy' in a short comment!