Sunday, February 18, 2007


As you might recall, February is my 'novel-writing month.' I've been a bit quiet on the subject, haven't I?


Well here's an update for you: all is good. In fact, I've literally just crossed the point where it's become the longest work of fiction I've ever written. Yes, at 13,126 words, it's just exceeded the Ziggy Stardust graphic novel script I tried writing over the course of a year from September 2003 to October 2004 before giving up on it at 13,125 words. And all this in just 18 days. I'm quite proud of myself.

OK, I had planned on writing 1000 words a day, so I've clearly fallen a little behind schedule in the grand scheme of things, but, y'know, life gets in the way sometimes. So what was the illustrious 13,126th word, you might ask?

It was a 'but.' (And I actually copied and pasted that from the original document so you can revel in it's glory as the recording-breaking word. That's quite an important 'but,' I'll have you know. A big 'but,' you could say)

I'm pretty pleased with how things are going on the story; nothing seems horrifically out of place at the moment, and I'm at the very least reasonably happy with everything I've written so far. Of course, some things might change in the re-write stage, and some things will definitely change at the re-write stage, but that's what the re-write stage is for, so, y'know, rock on!

Anyway, I can't sit here wittering away all day - I've got a book to write! And for anyone who's interested, here's a little tease of my work in progress:

Annie Taylor’s bicycle was found leaning against an old wooden fence beside the old wooden bridge on the road leading out of Paytonville, just one hour after her mother had telephoned the sheriff’s office in a state of some distress.
There was no sign of a struggle; only the flowers scattered across the dusty ground, the vibrant colors of their petals dulled by the grains of dirt that blew across them in the gentle breeze gave any indication that something was amiss. There was no sign of anything particularly out of the ordinary if one were to look upon the scene as a mere observer.
But there was no sign of Annie Taylor.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Yes there is! She's standing outside my window, right now.

"Get off my lawn, you pesky kid!"

There. That's Annie Taylor sorted out.

As for 'but' - I Crunchied in it's glory. I don't like Revels - they're all putrescent!

Dinah said...

A very big but. This makes me so excited and happy!

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - You found her?! Bugger - that's the end ruined!

As for Revels, I'm not a fan either. There's enough surprises waiting outside the front door, let alone in a bag of chocolate!

Dinah - And it makes me happy and excited that you're happy and excited!

T-Bird said...

If IDV has her, doesn't that make him the villain of the piece? Ooooh!

As for the writing, fabtastic! You'd better post some more when it's done. Or. Else. I'll sic some emo kids onto you! They sing My Chemical Romance to you, and mutter phrases about the blackness of the soul.

Dinah said...

It's a but for the ages!!

(that amused me no end, so you're already doing your inspiring job).

Tim said...

T-Bird - IDV is the villain!? Good lord - that changes everything! I bet he's in leaque with Beaky!

Glad you like the little bit of writing, and yeah, I might be convinced to put a bit more up at some point...! Just keep th emos away from me!!

Dinah - I like big buts and I can't deny!

Dora said...

Those emos weren't cutting themselves were they? They do have this thing with cutting and then writing sad, sad poems about sad, sad flipping the bird and taking a picture of it.

Annie Taylor is feeling very Twin Peaks to me. I hope she doesn't end up wrapped in plastic.

Dora said...

Oh and T-Bird, I know you love My Chemical I tried to download the album for you. A message came up warning me not to or I might get the dreaded "trojan emo virus". Apparently they are all inside this giant wooden pair of straight leg jeans waiting for the right time to spring out and read a poem to you.

T-Bird said...

you other brothers can't deny!

Oh yeah. I *heart* that band and their awesomo powah black parade so much.

Can't someone call and tell that that they should just grow mullets and rename themselves Poison, or Warrant or something?

Because in five years time, they'll be that sort of joke.

The only different is, Poison and Warrant are righteous, kick ass cock rock.

Dinah said...

I LOVED Twin Peaks. I am waiting not-so-patiently for the DVDs, although I do say "She's dead! Wrapped in plastic!" every chance I get (which isn't very often, at least in a proper context).

Tim said...

Dora - I couldn't see if they emos had been cutting themselves, they were wearing those stupid sock things on their arms.

I'm not planning on having Annie turned up in plastic wrap. I didn't watch Twin Peaks (oh, between this and the Dirty Dancing thing I'm feeling SO left out), was there a particular reason someone decided to shrink-wrap whatserface?

T-Bird's a closet My Chemical Romance fan, eh? If she begins to exhibit any outwardly emo-ish tendencies, drop me a line and I'll assemble the rest of the coven in a Justice League-stylee and we'll come over and help you stage an anti-emo intervention or something.

Emo-Bird. I mean T-Bird! Dr. Tim prescribes you some classic 70s rock and 80s power ballads to get over your burgeoning emo-ocity.

Dinah - I'm kind of hoping that you don't actually have to shout that phrase too much. Or at all, even...

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Drat! My fiendish plan has been thwarted.

Come Beaky, let's get out of here. They'll live to rue this day!

You'd better start rueing...

T-Bird said...

"We built this city"


"We built this city on rock and roll!!!"


It's not working!

Quick, get some Gunners!

"Take me down to paradise city..."

Phew. Crisis averted.

Tim said...

Hmmm... I've got my eye on you and Beaky... I'll not have you wangling your way into my book, unless of course you pay me vast amounts of money for the privilege!

Tim said...

Whoa! T-Bird eased herself in there between me, IDV, and Beaky!!

Sing it loud, T-Bird, sing it proud!! We built this city, eh? I'm off to do some weird 80s style head-banging!!

Dinah said...

Laura Palmer was the one wrapped in plastic - she'd been killed and dumped in the water. That was what the guy who found her told the police, in a highly memorable and quotable scene. I usually use it whenever anything is wrapped in plastic.

Annie...rolled into town later and was played by Heather um...Heather "I was in the second Austin Powers", I think is how you spell it if not pronounce it.

Tim said...

Laura Palmer! That's it! I remember at the time it was on that everyone was watching it and talking about it, and I felt a bit left out because we only had one telly in the house at the time and Ma and Pa didn't want to watch it.

I also remember watching a significant lump of the movie and thinking it was really weird, and David Bowie was in it, and he kept zipping all over the place.

Was Heather Graham in it?! Blimey! She was in an episode of Scrubs I watched the other day. God she's lovely; shame she can't act for toffee.

Tara said...

Excellent work, Tim! That is so inspiring! Don't stop now, keep it up! Hook up a coffee IV by your desk so that you don't have to get up for that. Course then you'd have to get up for bathroom breaks, but that can be solved too.

Tim said...

Thanks Tara! I'm really pleased with how it's coming along, and although I can already see bits I want to change I'm a very happy chappy!

Ooo… a coffee IV!? That would be awesome! Not too keen on the idea of a cathater for … um, the other bit, but if needs must, I s'pose!