Thursday, June 14, 2007

What about yesterday, what about us?

Heh, so there was a bit I forgot to tell you about on yesterday's Satellite Party post that Simon reminded me about today that I can't not tell you about, mainly because it got us both giggling again this evening.

Basically, after the gig we got the tube back to Shepherds Bush. Now, if you've never got the tube in London (duh - where the hell have you been?!), it gets very windy in the tunnels when the trains go through. HI-lariously, while still pumped up after the gig, we were riding the escalator up to ground level, when a gust of wind shot through the tunnels. Now, in best trailer-trash stylee I was wearing an un-done shirt over a white wifebeater, and as this gust shot past me, I turned around to face Simon, my shirt flying out behind me like a little cape, clenched both hands in front of my chest, and yelled:
"What about yesterday
(What about us)
What about the seas
(What about us)"
In best Michael Jackson-stylee. Simon creased up big-time. Hell, we even thought about riding the escalator back down so we could ride it up again, so Simon could record me singing Earthsong, but in the end we decided we actually needed to go find a shop to get a drink.

Anyway, it was kinda like this (skip forward to around the 4:14 mark). Obviously, I look less like a white woman though.


Last word on the Satellite Party (till they tour again, heh heh…) - super-massive thanks to Tim who was also at the gig and dropped me an email. He took some *amazing* photos that make mine look like they were taken by a bemused and somewhat retarded monkey.

Perry and Nuno!

Perry assumes the lotus position!

(Tim, I'm going to be at Wembley on Monday to see Pearl Jam - any chance you can get some quality pics there too?)


Will said...

Tim, that is fucking genius. I wish I'd been there to do my Jarvis counter-impersonation.

Tim said...

Ha ha ha!! That would've been the BEST. THING. EVAH.

Tara said...

I've never tried the Tube in London, but then again, I've never been to London. When I do make it there (oh and I will, as God as my witness), I'll have to try The Tube and sing an inspirational song while the wind is blowing at me.

Talk about fun, my friends and I ate some take-out dinners last night and then crowded into my friend's livingroom for a bellydancing session.

Tim said...

Ah, Tara, having not been to London is definitely a good excuse for not having been on the tube. But get practising your Earthsong for that day you do try it!

I can't say I'll be trying belly-dancing routines anytime soon, but I'm glad you had fun doing it!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I popped in earlier, but didn't comment. The reason being: I got to this bit "Now, in best trailer-trash stylee I was wearing an un-done shirt" and all sorts of things raced through my (dirty) mind, so I had to stop and have a lie down.
Now I'm back and, funnily enough, what actually happened wasn't one of the things I imagined.

How peculiar.

Tim said...

But what actually happened was undoubtedly more exciting, huh?!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oh definitely. I'm still buzzing from the Super-Excitement of it!

Tim said...

I bet you're humming Earthsong now, huh?