Friday, June 29, 2007

Just some stuff

I really don't have anything all-encompassing and exciting to say today, so I'm just going to fling some stuff at you and we'll see what sticks. Don't worry - there's no poopy!


Just seen Shrek the Third. Opinion? Well, I'd hate to put you off going to to see it, but I noticed that Yaz was yawning an awful lot throughout.

"Why were you yawning so much?" I asked when the movie finished.

"S'what happens when you have to sit through a shite movie," she replied.

Make of that what you will, but I think the producers will come to regret titling it Shrek the Turd. I mean Third!


One bonus of a trip to the cinema was the fact that they had a cool life-size Simpsons diarama thing (for the Simpsons movie, you'll be surprised to find) that you could sit alongside and have your photo taken with. I didn't have my photo taken with it, but I did take a photo of it.

But I totally stood in front of Lisa and recreated the London 2012 Olympics logo, if you know what I mean!


So I was thinking I should give you an update on my friend from a while back - you know, the one who was having lady troubles. Well, he was, er, telling me that he decided to cave a little, and sent her a text saying that he thought maybe they could catch up at some point. She, however, did not reply!

A couple of days later, he saw her briefly and she basically said that she'd got the text, but had sort of forgotten to reply to it. Which, y'know, seemed a bit rude. Anyway, she's not contacted him in any way, shape, or form since, so the other night he sat around thinking about what he should do. Should he make more of an effort, or should he draw a line under the whole thing and move on? After much pondering, he decided to sleep on it.

The next morning, he tells me, he awoke to find that the Backstreet Boys song 'Quit Playing Games with my Heart' was playing in his head. Even more surprising, though, was the fact that he was somehow able to recall all the dance moves from the video.

Thus he decided that any girl who makes him think of bad teeny-bopper pop songs with accompanying dance moves was probably not the girl for him. The line, I've been assured, has been drawn HERE.


Ha. This'll make you laugh. I was chatting to Mr. Chunt the other day, and passed onto him some info about this cycling thing in London on September 30th. Basically, they're shutting off a load of roads to all traffic except bikes, and both me and BSH, my colleague in all things Star Trek, have signed up to do it. I think it could be quite a good day out.

Anyway, somehow the topic of conversation twisted round to London's annual nudey bike ride, which I jokingly said I might think about doing next year. Chunty agreed with me, and suggested I put it to a vote here. I laughed it off, but bizarrely I'm coming round to thinking that I might do it - not because I really want to get my wang out in public, but because I think it'd be quite funny (after the event) to say that I'd done it.

And I can't believe I'm even saying that.


Here's a little plea. Are you from Americaland? Have you bought an iPhone? If you match both of those criteria, please let me know what you think of the wonderous new Apple creation. We don't get it over here in Britland until the end of the year, and I REEEEEALLY want to know what it's like. Or, erm, feel free to send it to me…


Right, I'm off to watch some more episodes of The OC. I've just hit the midway point in the fourth season DVD boxset, and it's every bit as good as it was on first viewing when it was shown on t'telly. Better, in fact. I've decided I really do love Autumn Reeser (that's Taylor Townsend) with my dying breath. Just the way she uttered the phrase "slutty alien" in the episode 'The Earth Girls are Easy' made me go all funny.

She's lovely.


Tara said...

Good for your friend for drawing the line in the sand with regards to Ms. Neglectful. I don't know your friend, but I have a very strong feeling that he deserves much better.

Be careful with that nude bike riding. It would be interesting to do, but it might be a little uncomfortable.

Oh and the IPhones have come out, but I'm waiting for them to fix any possible glitches and for it to become really cheap. When I find a good one, I'll send it to ya. Have a good weekend!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I too think your friend has done the right thing by drawing that line. I just hope he didn't break his little ships?

I don't quite know what to say about the whole nudey-bike-riding thing. Perhaps I'm just an old fashioned prude, but I don't want to see squidgy bits getting smushed on hard saddles. They're not particularly attractive at the best of times, nevermind after being at one with a bike!
However, there's nothing to stop you from doing it then posting some pics with some artful obscuring...

Tim said...

Tara - I think he's happy with the outcome now. Onwards and upwards I … er, told him!

I'v just been looking at some iPhone pics. It's so purty. It's damn well made every other mobile phone look like two cans and a piece of string!

Inexplicable Device - He didn't break his little ships. Not that he has any little ships to break though!

From what I've read about the nudey ride you can actually wear clothes if you don't want to show everything, so I'd go for some kind of obscurification of the unmentionables while still, for the most part, trying to keep in the spirit of things. Anyway, no doubt I'll talk myself out of it by next year!

skillz said...

"What's a diarama?"

Good for you -sorry, your friend- for drawing the line. There's one bitch in the world, one bitch with many faces. G out and find a nice girl instead of that chump!