Friday, June 15, 2007

Test detonation the second

Another Friday, another attempt at using Mentos mints to blow-up a bottle of Diet Coke!

After last week's reasonably pathetic attempt, we made a couple of changes for this latest test, including a larger bottle of coke, and multiple Mentos, which were slotted into a ring-binder spine and dropped into the bottle so that whoever delivered the payload didn't end up covered in coke. Observe!

Let's go through this clip second-by-second.

00:00 - Scanner prepares to drop the Mentos delivery system into the bottle. Note that he laughs like Betty Rubble.

00:02 - BSH, my colleague in all things Trekkie, assures us that his pioneering Mentos delivery system will fit the bottle.

00:03 - Scanner asks if we're 'GO' for launch.

00:06 - Scanner deploys the Mentos delivery system.

00:07 - The Mentos and Diet Coke react like a matter/antimatter reaction in a warp core.

00:08 - The Mentos delivery system is propelled out of the bottle. Bad times. Scanner giggles like Betty Rubble again.

00:10 - BSH asks "is that it?" then orders Scanner to put it back in. I believe he was referring to the Mentos delivery system.

00:19 - Scanner reinserts the Mentos delivery system, to little effect.

00:22 - Scanner notes that he "should've held it down." I believe this was another reference to the Mentos delivery system, rather than anything untoward.

00:26 - I state my belief that a design flaw in the Mentos delivery system has led to today's relative failure, adding, in deeply complex scientific terms that it is "bunging up the hole."

00:29 - Rob makes possibly the mosty astute observation of the entire endeavour: "It's like TFI Friday for retards."

00:35 - "It's like your anus cream - you're just bunging it up." I end the experiment with a cryptic comment related to a medical condition that one of my esteemed colleagues had shared with us earlier.

All-in-all, then, not an amazing success, but not an awful failure either; I've already suggested some design revisions for the Mentos delivery system, including a weight that should ensure it sinks to the bottom of the bottle rather than shoot out the top again, so I reckon third time could be the charm.

Stay tuned people, it could get exciting!


I have nothing else to say today other than this:


skillz said...

TFI for retards!! Brilliant!

You should try again, but with a bigger bottle, and more mentos. Might I suggest drilling a pinhole into the lid and screwing it back on just after the payload has been delivered?

Tim said...

Oh, Skillz, we WILL try again... Muwahahahahaha!! I shall pass your suggestion on to the engineering team!

Actually, about 20 minutes before we did that detonation I suspended a Mentos over the opening of a smaller bottle of coke that Scanner had, in the hope that he'd swig it back and it would fizz up in his head and come out his ears. Sadly he noticed at the last minute.

Tara said...

Nice vid and nice teeth you've got there! Very white. You would make a dentist proud. :)

Tim said...

Ha ha - thanks! It's because I don't drink Coke - I just blow it up!!

Dinah said...

awesome! and oh, god, the voice...

I was giggling like a special watching that explode. So much fun. And educational, too!

Tim said...

Whose voice?! Scanner's Betty Rubble giggle? It makes me laugh too!

We hope to produce more educational movie-films in the near future - hopefully with a proper massive explosion!