Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Punch the air!

So the results are in – and I didn't do too badly! Yes, proof at last that I was only nine seconds slower at the 10k than last year, which I'm quite pleased about because a) I barely did any training, b) there was the knee conundrum, c) I was ill the week before, and d) did I mention it was muddy?

(Is that enough excuses for being nine seconds slower? I think so)

In contrast, though, checkout the winning time - a smidgeon over 32 minutes! Geez! I'd only just started my second lap by that time! I'm not suggesting there was anything untoward going on there, but I hope someone took a urine sample at the end.

Anyway, my goal now is definitely to keep training in order to build on my apparent consistancy around the 56 minute mark. By this time next year I aim to be, like the Bionic Woman, Better. Stronger. Faster.


The only casualty of the run from my point of view was - holy surprise, Batman - my awesome new knee support! It had started tearing around the open patella section (that's the bit where me knee pokes through). Maybe I was hulking out during the run and my muscley kneecap just burst through? Rawr! On the plus side, it did a good job before sacrificing itself for the needs of the few, or the one - my knee feels fine. Better than fine, in fact: it's a miracle - I'm healed! At least that's how it feels. Maybe six-and-a-bit-miles of senseless running knocked something back into place? Whatever happened, it tore (the support, not my knee), and I'd only used it, like, four times. So I took it back and exchanged it for another one.

Probably should've washed the mud and possible dog poo off it first, huh?


I must say, in the immediate aftermath of the run I felt great, then a few hours afterwards I felt very sleepy. But yesterday - why, I felt bloody awesome yesterday! The run had left me in one of those strangely euphoric moods which kinda made me feel like I could do anything. I even considered going out for a run, but heeding Sweatband's running advice I've decided to put my feet up for the next couple of days. And what am I going to do with all this spare time I now find myself with? Season Four DVD boxset of The OC, baby. Oh, yeah!

Taylor Townsend is *so* going to see me through this recovery period!!


Tara said...

Only 9 seconds behind? Hey, that's pretty damn good!

I get that euphoric feeling after I've used my exercycle and have done some sit ups. Oh, and after I've cleaned out my car and it looks and smells all new again.

skillz said...

Running? But you have a *car*... that's much quicker.

As for the 32min cheater, I suggest you don a disguise, follow him into the urinals and try and grab a sample and run. Of course, he'd probably catch up...

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Did you know that babies are born with out kneecaps? They can take up until the age of two to appear.

Not out of thin air, of course. Or as some sort of air-fix kit bought by the parents...

Next time you see a baby, poke it hard in the knee - I bet it's squashy!

Tim said...

Tara - I was pleased as punch too! Although I'm aiming for faster next time round... hopefully more than nine seconds as well!

Car cleaning is strangely invigorating, isn't it? Which reminds me - must do mine soon!!

Skillz - I know, but it would just've gotten bogged down on the muddy bits.

It's a good idea to get a sample, but first of all, it'd surely look a bit weird holding a cup under another dude's stream, and secondly, he would probably be pissing acid or something.

Dinah said...

IDV, I read that as "babies are born OUT OF knee caps" and thought, hmm, how strange and interesting. But what you actually wrote does make a lot more sense.

Hurrah, Tim, Hurrah! I, too, got fixated on the urine comment...and hoped that if someone took some urine, he or she did so in an offical capacity.

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Sorry, wasn't ignoring you on purpose there - you snuck in while I wasn't looking!

That's just plain weird about babies' kneecaps. Rather than poke their knees, could I flex their little legs the other way? Science is fun!

Dinah - If IDV thought babies were born out of kneecaps we should really think about posting about the birds and the bees…

I doubt any urine was taken - but I shall demand it in future!

T-Bird said...

You theory of needing a nemesis came up in conversation today. I couldn't agree more.

We need those idiots to stop us from turning into Lord of the Flies.

Eat Piggy!

Tim said...

Indeed! It's a shame they're free to wander around, though; in a perfect world we'd just tranquilise them, lock them in a small room, and hit them pinata style when necessary!