Sunday, June 24, 2007

Me shine so bright me light up the dog-gone night, oh!

Hurrah! The 2007 Dysart Dash 10k run is done and dusted! Oh yes - and guess what? I finished it in almost the exact same time as I run it last year!! This is amazing for a couple of reasons - those being that a) I felt woefully under-prepared this year because my buggered knee meant that I haven't done half as much training as last year, and b) it was *pissing* down with rain and the entire towpath section along the side of the Thames was a huge muddy mess; it was like Glastonbury but without the music and hippies.

And, wonder of wonders, my knee held up damn fine, and even feels good now, three hours after finishing. The only downside is that I've just discovered that my awesome new knee support didn't quite survive the race and appears to have partially self-destructed; that being the case I'll dig out the receipt and take it back in the next couple of days - I've only had it a week! Failure is not an option! Rawr!

Anyway, having just showered the mud off I'm now in that really chilled-out post-run bliss where I actually feel like I could go for another run. A better idea, though, is to retire to bed for the afternoon. Mmmmm… bed. And maybe in the next week I'll start to think about Sweatband's idea of doing another run. Seriously, we literally crossed the finish line and she began harping on about some 10 mile thing in October - the woman's insane! So yes, off to lie on the bed now.

Here's some post-run pics.

My super-awesome running trainers got caked in mud. They're filthy as anything, but I suppose it's like a badge of honour or something. As long as there's no dog poo on them. I don't think I could handle knowing there's dog poo on them.

Rawr! I'm not posting this for any other reason except that I want some comments telling me I look hunky. I implore you to feed my ego. Oh, and I had my hair cut on Saturday to make me more 'hair-o-dynamic' for the race.

Frikkin'. Awesome. Medal. This is my third, and I think it's my favourite. Seriously, a couple more and I might be able to out-bling Mr. T. Oh, and we got a Cadburys Flake at the end too, but I ate that.

(Oh, and if you're wondering why this post has such a weird title, it's because I was listening to the Satellite Party album while I drove to the run, and this was a lyric I misheard from 'Wishing on a Dog Star')


Dinah said...

You should post pictures of yourself more often, but that might be breaking some international export of hunkiness limit.

Congrats! And that's an awesome medal.

How was the Cadbury's Flake?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ohh, those thighs, those shoulders, those eyebrows - Rawr, indeed!

Dinah's right. Your hunkiness must remain in the UK, nay, England even!

And now on to matters of a less (or should it be more?) stalkerish nature: You have one of those cool loopy-tube lights! And the A and E, if I'm not very much mistaken?

T-Bird said...

That is one hardcore legbrace you have there, Malarkey.

I am not going to feed your already healthy ego by commenting on the appearance of my personal favourite: chest hair.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Of course, I meant to say Well Done on the run, too. I must've been a little overcome...

Not to be outdone, I have done something worthwhile today as well: Made a cake! Well, 'making' actually - it's still in the oven.
While you hone the temple of your body with fitness, I, on the other hand, will sacrifice a Victoria Sponge to mine!

Tim said...

Dinah - I think you might be right; the UN might begin sanctions or something!

Oh, and the Flake was lovely - it was one of the new dark chocolate ones. Very nice. Mmmmm… Flakey…

Inexplicable Device - Maybe this is why I've never left the country, except for two weeks on the Isle of Wight. I probably had to get a Visa then, too.

As for the less/more stalkish aspects - it's a loopy lamp shade rather than a completely loopy lighting installation. It's very cool, though; Sparky Ma bought it for me!

And the A and E - close!! It's the A and the NX-01. I'm such a nerd. Sorry for the disarray my room's in - I need to tidy a bit, but couldn't be bothered right after the run!

T-Bird - It does look it, doesn't it? But it's actually just a soft one that velcros around. Very good - except for the fact that it's tearing! Grrr!

There is just a whiff of chest hair, ain't there?

Inexplicable Device - Ta! And I could right go a Victoria sponge about now. Alhough rather than politely wait to be given a slice, I'm quite likely just to slam my face into it.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Rrrrraaaaaarrrrrghhhhh (not Rawr)!

I made the cake but didn't have any icing sugar, so I couldn't make butter icing to sandwich the two halves together! Bah! Now you'll have to wait until tomorrow to slam your face in it...

Tim said...

OK, just don't overdo the butter icing - less is more!

Dora & Tina said...

You have space shoes!!!! Or what appears to be space shoes from the other side of the world.

And a medal!

And facial hair!

And me writing the obvious!

And then following it with a !

And I think I'm stuck in a rut!

Tim said...

Ha ha! They're not actually as silvery as they look in the picture. Even more so now they're coated in mud!!

And the medal is lovely!!

And I do have facial hair!!

I've been pulled into your rut like a spaceship into a blackhole!!!


missy&chrissy said...

that is an awesome medal...congrats!

we think there should be a sparky tim action figure modeled after your 2nd photo.

Tara said...

You are hunky. So is your haircut!

You're like Forest Gump with that knee brace. In the movie when he has braces for his legs, he starts running away from some nasty kids and his braces fall to pieces and his legs are stronger. I'm sure that's what's going on with your knee. You're a super hero now! Great, great work with the run!

Tim said...

Missy&Chrissy - Oh. My. God. I totally want an action figure!!! There could be variant models - like running me, doing the housework me, dressed to impress me, and maybe one of me doing my Clark Kent/Superman thing.

Look out for them in stores this Christmas!!

Tara - Ha ha ha!! I'm going to see what other Forrest Gump-style scenarios I can get myself into! Except for 'Nam and the whole shellfish thing (I don't like shellfish. Or wars)

T-Bird said...

Dora, don't you think Tim looks like Wil Anderson?

He's an Australian comic.

Tim said...

Is that a good thing?