Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mmmm… Jam: Pearl Jam at Wembley Arena

I've been a bit of a a gig whore recently; Willy Mason a few weeks back, Satellite Party last week, and yesterday Pearl Jam at Wembley Arena.

Now, I'll be honest, I'm not exactly the world's biggest fan of Pearl Jam. And by that I mean that I just haven't really paid too much attention to them, rather than I don't like them. My brother's liked them for a loooooong time, and has been trying to convert me/convince me to see them live for years, whereas I've liked the odd song here and there (and their funny stick man logo). That being the case, where I'll tell you that I decided to go to this gig because I'm more open to different sorts of music than I used to be, Simon might tell you that I went purely because I finally caved in after years of harrassment.

Accompanying us to the gig was Simon's friend Brian, who I had to constantly refrain from calling "Briiiiiiian" in the same manner as Stewie from Family Guy. I caved once, and while Simon cracked up, Brian just looked perplexed; he doesn't watch Family Guy. Victory is mine!

Anyway, what did I think of Pearl Jam? Well…

Simon had told me beforehand that Pearl Jam enjoys an incredibly close relationship with their fans. I didn't quite know what this meant at first, and seriously hoped we wouldn't all end up bonding in a wigwam* when I'd paid good money to see a concert. Fortunately, there was lots of music. And lots of music. And LOTS. OF. MUSIC.

They played for about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Now, don't think I'm complaining about that, because I'm not (although it did mean I got home super-late on a school night). That's a whole lot of gig for your money. The thing is, while I knew the hits (like 'Evolution,' 'Alive,' and their version of 'Rockin' in the Free World') there was an awful lot of songs I didn't know - whereas everyone else did. So in that respect I felt a little bit like an outsider infiltrating the concert, almost like I sort of didn't deserve to be there. On the plus side, Pearl Jam are A VERY GOOD LIVE BAND. Eddie Vedder has a most unusual voice, at times both feral-sounding and incredibly soulful; a particular highlight for me was 'Low Light,' which is a song you should all checkout if you haven't heard it before – *just* beautiful.

They also appear to be a very generous band; the guitarist appeared to pour cups-worth of plectrums into the audience, while Eddie gave away a bottle of wine, his set list, and two tambourines he destroyed during 'Rockin' in the Free World.'

All in all, then, a very enjoyable evening. I genuinely liked Pearl Jam, and I'd definitely be up for seeing them again. Just next time, hopefully on a Friday night - it was a right bitch getting up for work this morning.

(Oh, and the support were Idlewild. They're from Scotland!)

As is customary now, here's a scattering of pics and a couple of videos I took; as with Satellite Party, the sound is a bit crappy, and because of the elaborate lighting rigs it does look a bit like the stage is exploding at times. Don't worry - it didn't! Pearl Jam are fine!

The put all the lights on for the last couple of songs - it was great, we could see everything! Why don't they put the lights on all the time?

Eddie goes acoustic!

*Wigwam, I've decided, is my new favourite word. Look for it appearing here more often.


skillz said...

Idlewild are brilliant! They're probably the band I've seen more times than any other, apart from 'A'.

Tim said...

Yeah, I thought they were OK! Not enough to make me run out and buy an album, but enjoyable nonetheless!

Although the singer had a horrific mullet.

I still need to investigate 'A.'

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Damn you vile woman! You've impeded my progress since the day I escaped from your wretched wom...

Oops! Forgot myself for a minute. I got a bit caught up in that Stewie link.

Tim said...

Great, innit?! I'm going to bark Stewie commands at people all day - muwahahaha!

Dinah said...

Wigwam! I think we have those around here. If not, then definitely teepees.

I'm glad you didn't end up in a sweatlodge with them. It would probably be cool to be in one with the band, but not all the hoards of other people.

Tim said...

Someone - I think it was Marcosy - gave me a strict definition of what constituted a wigwam, and what constituted a teepee. I can't exactly remember what it was, and although I like both words, wigwam is definitely my favourite.

Can you imagine a wigwam with 10,000 Pearl Jam fans in it? I think there'd be some personal space issues at hand there.

Tara said...

It is frustrating when you don't get enough sleep for the next day of work, but when you've had so much fun the night before, it all evens out and makes sense.

Tim said...

Yeah, I'm usually awful after not getting enough sleep but I was surprisingly OK the other day!! Don't think I'll make a habit of it though!

Marcosy said...

Wigwam, teepee - you don't listen to a word I say, do you?

Tim said...

To be brutally honest, um, no, not really.