Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tonight, Cat, I'm going to be…


Well, start as you mean to go on is what I always say.

Anyway, why the Stars in their Eyes influenced title, you ask? Let me tell you! We've had a very Stars in their Eyes-type experience at work this week, because we've had a new doorframe installed. The old one was getting pretty darn manky, and quite rotten; over the last few months I've been concerned that the mere act of pushing my key into the lock in the morning might cause the whole thing to cave in.

So on Monday a couple of guys turn up, and to protect us from the elements (not elephants) they erect this massive plastic sheath around the door. It was awesome - I actually meant to take a photo, but completely forgot. Think of the plastic-wrapped house at the end of ET and you pretty much get the idea. The only thing was that it was a bit difficult to get in and out of, because you only had a little slit to clamber through. Initially it was fun, and that's where all the Stars in their Eyes punnery came from. After a while, though, I began to think of it more like a rebirthing experience, and I'd jump through like I was Stewie from Family Guy leaping free of Lois' wretched womb.

Then yesterday they finished and took it all down. Regular doors are so boring.


New musical obsession! I've come to the party late again, but I've finally gotten into Maximo Park - hurrah! If you go to my myspace page you'll not only bump up my visitor numbers, but you'll also hear their awesome new single My Velocity because I've set it as my profile song.

Oh, or you could just watch the video here:

Good innit? I sing into my hairbrush in front of the bedroom mirror like that.

I also just picked up their first album, making good use of HMV's bizarre habit of pricing the same CD up at different prices; £13.99, £13.99, oh, hang on, I'll have this copy with an £8 sticker on it. Bonus.

And before anyone suggests it, no I did not peel an £8 sticker off something else. I am many things, but I am NOT a pikey.


T-Bird said...

Awesome song! Great clip too. I wholly approve of the 80's keyboard work, meshed with guitars and the cute accent!

What part of England is he from?

Tara said...

That had to be tricky to walk through the plastic if you had a steaming cup of coffee or tea in your hand.

My mom found an antique door once upon a time that once belonged in a doctor's office. It was really cool looking. She had me help her take off our old bathroom door and hang the antique door. Not an easy task. But once it was all in place it looked great.

Tim said...

T-Bird - Indeedy, some modern guitars with retro keyboardy goodness is always a welcome combination. I think they're Geordies (that's Newcastle/Sunderland way if you're not familiar with the term!).

Tara - I think there was only one day I had to approach the plastic while holding a coffee. I drank it quickly, then entered - problem solved!

The antique door sounds cool! My boss imported these massive wooden double doors from some place in Malaysia and had them installed in his house. You'd think it wouldn't work in a London townhouse, but it looks amazing!

skillz said...

Maximo are a very good band, I particularly like Apply Some Pressure.

Tim said...

Yes, I realise that now. I've just been listening to Apply Some Pressure over and over and over on the way home. It also made me apply some pressure to the accelerator.

Dinah said...

Ooh, Tim, living dangerously!

I also like seeing a lower-priced item in a stack. It makes me feel sneaky but entirely within the bounds of the rules.

Tim said...

I always live dangerously, Dinah, always! I'm a 'walk in the out door' kinda guy!

There's also something quite thrilling about finding a lower-priced item - almost like you could get caught and they'd make you pay full price. I tell you something - I'm certainly not going back to THAT HMV for a few weeks!