Sunday, March 04, 2007




Look at those pantaloons flapping around. He seriously could've done himself an injury with those things. Bless the early 90s.

So why the MC Hammer and the "STOP! Hammertime?" Well, it's all to do with how I've been this week, and what I've been upto. Which is to say 'not very much.' Y'see, I've taken a bit of a break from, well, everything. I haven't done any running, and, more importantly, I haven't written any of my book. Whhhhhhhhy? You might ask. Well I'll tell you. I sort of got to a point where I kind of felt a little exhausted, and I didn't want to just write crap. So I decided to have a week off. Blame Josh Pyke for scheduling his gig for last Monday - that's what started me off. So yeah, I've just had a few days of chilling out, Xboxing, reading, sleeping and generally recharging my batteries. Think of it as a brief pause. Because I intend to resume this week!

What… You didn't think I'd give up, did you?



Ooo, who saw last night's incredible solar event? What was it, you ask? Well, it wasn't invading aliens or our sun going supernova - it was a lunar eclipse! Which basically means that the Earth got in the way between the sun and the moon and the moon turned red in frustration. The skies were surprisingly clear in my part of the world, so I got a damn good view of it. And it was MOST IMPRESSIVE.

There's some amazing pictures on the BBC website, and I also managed to capture this awe-inspiring moment for posterity.

Let me share with any of you who missed it.


What's with those damned trainers kids are wearing at the moment? You know, the ones with the wheels in the heels? I popped out this afternoon to get something for Sparky Ma for Mother's day, and every single kid under the age of 15 seemed to be zooming around with scant regard for everyone around them! I felt like pushing them over after a while. Either that or hope that they'd roll over some disgarded Hubba Bubba and get gummy wheels.


Dinah said...

Kids these days! They make me think of the Friends episode in which Chandler has to market those shoes, and he hurts himself trying to figure out how to use them.

Good for you, recharging and such. I hope you're feeling good!

Tim said...

Chandler on wheels would be awesome - zooming past spouting witicisms at all and sundry!

Dinah, like James Brown, "I FEEL GOOD!" Oh, hang on, he died didn't he? Hmmm…

Tara said...

I'm in a good, weird mood today, where little things are making me giggle. The word "pantaloons" made me giggle.

Anyway, if Earth is big enough to cast a shadow that covers the moon, it might be time for her to lay off the ice cream sandwiches and get into a sit up program. But I'm no scientist, so don't quote me on that. ;)

Tim said...

Tara - I think it's actually a law that you have to laugh at the word pantaloons. Glad to see you're being a good citizen!

I think you're right. Maybe we should put Earth on the Atkins diet or something. Or is the J-lo look in for planets this season?

skillz said...

Get with the times grandad!!

*zooms past on Heelies*

Tim said...

Freakin' kids!

*waves cane in comical manner*