Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Winner! AKA: Free stuff is good!

I don't think I mentioned this last week, but I won some CDs off the radio. Just as I won gig tickets off Shaun Keaveny on Xfm last year on his fictional pun headline game (where you had to come up with a fictional pun headline based on a chosen celebrity), I did it again on his new fictional pun headline game on his new Radio 6 show. I quite like fictional pun headline games. The chosen celebrity was Courtney Love. And what were my winning entries I hear you ask?I shall keep you in suspense no more!

Fictional story: Courtney Love is revealed to be a post-op transsexual.
Pun headline: Courtney Cox.

Fictional story: After Courtney Love is entered into a witness protection scheme, Police officers argue over what her new identity should be.
Pun headline: You give Love a bad name.
OK, admittedly not the sort of thing that makes you pass your spleen as you double over with laughter, but I got four free CDs out of it, and you didn't, so snaps. And what were the CDs? Why, I'll tell you! They were Feeder's singles compilation (that's greatest hits to you and me), The Fray's album (good, good, because I almost bought that the other week anyway), The Fratellis' (I like some of their stuff, so hmmm…!), and LCD Soundsystem's latest (only listened to one track so far, and on that basis it's not rocking my world, but I'll reserve judgement until I've had a chance to checkout the whole thing). All in all, then, not a bad haul. Perhaps the biggest plus here was the Feeder hits CD; I'd thought about picking up a copy when it came out last year, but held off because I've already got a lot of the songs on some of their studio albums. But it's nice to have them all on one shiny disc, and it's kinda re-awakened my love of Feeder. I'd actually forgotten how many quality tracks they had aside from the one that was used in Gran Turismo on the PS2, and I've finally got that awesome song (Feeling a Moment) that they played while supporting the Rolling Stones last year that *totally* filled the massive void of a half-empty Twickenham Stadium. Good times.


Here's an etiquette-based dilemma for you. If you were arranging a meeting with someone for work, and couldn't settle on a suitable location in which to conduct said meeting, then you hit upon the idea of meeting in, say, a bar or lounge in the person's hotel, does it sound weird when you write "I'll meet you in your hotel" in an email? Because it kind of makes me feel a little bit like a gigalo, and I'm not 100 percent sure that's appropriate.


I spent a little bit of time looking at the books at work today. And by books I don't mean a tatty paperback, I mean the accounts stuff. Thing is, maths isn't exactly my strong suit, and however much I raise an eyebrow and nodd all wise and sage-like, I can't help wondering that I was put in that office simply to do the nerdy stuff and look pretty.


T-Bird said...

Well, free stuff is free stuff but I have to say I didn't recognise any of the bands you mentioned...

Gigolo or no, you are meeting at a hotel, so pony up, put on your best undercrackers and get set to rock out! Maybe you should meet in the bar of the hotel.

Oh, and accounts are like Quantum physics. The best us mere mortals can do is pretend that we understand and be thankful that there are people that can do it!

Cheers for not chucking me out of the coven...

T-Bird said...


Inexplicable DeVice said...

.oot "letoh ruoy fo rab eht ni uoy teem ll'I" tseggus ot gniog saw I !hpmmH

!uoy ot ,deedni spanS

Tim said...

T-Bird - You do know that I actually not a gigolo, don't you? Although it is an exciting new career prospect that maybe I should look into…!

And we would never chuck you out of the coven. Unless you said Star Wars was better!

!ykeehc - ecived elbacilpxenI

skillz said...

Good work on the comps! My finest moment was on the Richard Bacon "films that Saddam Hussein would like" circa 2003, the winning entry being my "10 Things I Hate About UN". Back of the net!

Pony up!

T-Bird said...

You're NOT a gigolo?


*and worried about spelling of disappointed... it doesn't look right*

Tara said...

That's excellent!! Great work, Tim!

Awhile ago the station I listen to now would ask people to send in some jokes. The best joke would win a prize. I sent in a joke about management and the people that work for them, and I won. The prize was a three-disk CD with 80s songs and a gift certificate to a local restaurant. I love those CDs.

Tim said...

Skillz - Ha ha!! That's great!! Did you ever get that email about the Iraqi TV schedule? It had a pun on the TV series 'Mad about You' - 'Mad about Everything'! It was very funny - if you never saw it I 'll see if I've still got it and send it on.

Last Bacon show tomorrow - see if you can get a mundane text read out!!!

T-Bird - Not just yet, but I thought I might take night classes or maybe an Open University course in gigolo-ing. Now you mention it, disappointed doesn't look right. Does it have two 's's? Dissappointed? No… Crikey! Spell-checker!!

Tara - Awesome! An 80s compilation CD is a pretty good prize - I'm not ashamed to say that I love 80s music. You can't beat some Spandau Ballet or Kajagoogoo!! I'm not a big fan of Duran Duran, though, possibly because they've not had the good grace to disappear into oblivion.