Monday, March 19, 2007

The Monday stuff

So, last week: beautiful, spring-like, warm, sunny, etc, etc. I hope you're building up a beautiful mental image. Hell, I even went to lunch on Friday wearing just my hoodie. Um, OK, don't build up THAT mental image, you pervert - I mean that I didn't need a jacket. I was fully trousered up, I assure you.

(You at the back - stop giggling)

And then there was today.




One minute Yaz and I are sitting outside Starbucks, a little chilly, admittedly, but the sky was nevertheless blue. Twenty minutes later I'm Scott of the bloody-Antarctic. Seriously, my entire front was coated in snow. I looked like I'd been hosed down with foam. Or some frikkin' huge bird had done the shat to end all shats on me. And to add insult to injury there was thunder and lightning too!

I am NOT impressed. I am, however, glad that I left the thick duvet on - snuggily fun for me tonight!


After seeing Dinah's pics from her Highball the other day I've realised that I'm completely in the mood for some dancin'. I can't completely blame Dinah, however; there's been a lot of quality music around recently that's got my ass shaking while I'm listening to my iPod on the walk down to Hammersmith at lunchtime, which quite frankly is a little embarrassing because the slightest hint of a hip-gyration makes me get all subconscious and think that everyone's looking at me. And I really don't like the idea of being a one-man iPod flash-mob.

Anyway, this mood has just increased because Sparky Bro has lent me his Stevie Wonder Greatest Hits CD. I quite like a bit of Stevie (and I do a blinding impression of him, if you'll pardon the pun), and songs like Masterblaster aren't doing anything to dispell my current dance mood. Maybe have to think about doing something about that soon… It's been a while since I've busted some quality moves on the dancefloor.


Oh. My. God. I am soooooooo reading an awesome book at the moment - World War Z. Graham bought it for me for my birthday last year, and I'll admit that it kinda got lost at the bottom of a large book-stack I built up over the last couple of months. Feeling a tad guilty about not having read it, I dug it out at the weekend and started reading.


Basically, it's a history of a global zombie war, told via interviews with survivors and influential figures. It's brilliantly written, and I'm whipping through it at quite a rate. I highly recommend it if you've got any inkling of appreciation for the horror or zombie genres. And it's written by Mel Brooks' son! So far, no fart gags, though.

Truth be told, it did freak me out a tad; I went for a run last night, and kept expecting the walking dead to lurch out at me when I was least suspecting it. The manky weather probably put them off, I suspect.


Dinah said...

You should take your well-defined thighs and go cut loose!

Today was snowy again after being nice for awhile. I wish nature would make up her mind.

Tim said...

Oh, Dinah, I'm now thinking I should just start busting some moves in a snow storm like a frantic silhouette gyrating in a Napolean Dynamite-esque fashion in a sea of white!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Hee hee hee! Oops. Sorry.

World War Z does sound awesome - I'll keep a look out for it for my Pile Of The Unread.

Tim said...

You "hee hee hee!" all you want!! Lord knows I do...!

Wordld War Z IS awesome! And Pile of the Unread is funny - I like that!! (Top use of the word 'awesome' too!)

Tara said...

I'm hoping that the snow and ice we had yesterday was the last word of winter. But we've been known to have some snow in April too. Today the sun is out, it's still cold but we've got 50 degree weather coming tomorrow. And that concludes the current weather report. Hehe.

Does that Stevie Wonder CD have the song "Sir Duke" on it? I love that song.

iPandah said...

I only have 2 games for my DS Lite, Brain Train (which I got bored of cos it's all sudoku), and Phoenix Wright, which is pretty good. I desperately want Nintendogs (the Chihuaha one) but have decided the browser app is more important. Not that I can get it anywhere.
I might invest World War Z to ease the boredom of post-op recovery though. I just read Bruce Campell's If Chins Could Kill, a dynamic piece of work! If you like BC.

Tim said...

Tara - I was hoping we'd had winter's last gasp, but apparently not. I'v even had to crank the heater back up tonight. I am disappointed in mother nature, and I am disappointed in global warming; I don't pump all this C02 into the atmosphere to be freezing cold at the end of March!

Sir Duke is the very first song on the CD - I love that and I Wish! Stevie rocks!

iPandah - I tried Brain Training on Mum's Ds, but got a tad annoyed with it when it said I had the brain of a 44 year old. That's just rude! I definitely think you should pick up Nintendogs - it might be a nice diversion for you during your recovery. And World War Z is a MUST. I cannot big this book up ENOUGH. REALLY.

skillz said...

It snowed in the centre of London today? What's going on?! I demand answers Mr Mayor.

Tim said...

It's the Day After Tomorrow, I tells ya! I was burning books waiting for Dennis Quaid to come rescue me. But then someone told me to just turn the heating up.

As for my mayoral duties in this matter… Well I've not been elected yet. Blame Ken Livingstone!