Thursday, November 30, 2006

Love nor money

The sheer fact that I'm writing a blog entry today, on what should be the Holy day of the mighty Xbox, should be enough to let you know that once again "the best laid plans of mi-"

I think you know the rest.

So I am without Xbox. Sans Xbox. I have no box of the X. Basically because the comics shop sold out of the bundle pack I wanted, and I didn't want a different combo deal with a different game that I pretty much know I won't like. But that's OK, because they're going to get me another one in, probably for Monday, and you know that they say about absence making Jane Fonda.

Henry Fonda?


Something like that. So I'm biting my lip and clenching my butt cheeks in anxiety, because I'd really worked myself up to getting it today in an uber-nerdy sort of way.

Maybe I should hyper-ventilate into a paper bag?

On the plus side, it does give me a bit of time to catch up on some things I've been meaning to do, chiefly finish reading I am Charlotte Simmons. Did you know that Tom Wolfe won the Bad Sex in Fiction Award for that book in 2004? I read that scene (at least I presume it was that scene) a couple of days ago. Charlotte described her boyfriend's penis as a ball-peen hammer, which struck me as a slightly unsual description for that particular part of the male anatomy, but no worse than a baby's arm, I suppose.

So, yes, I'll hit Charlotte again (not literally), polish her off (again, not literally), and move on to one of the other books I've got sitting in my stack. Probably the Star Trek Manga anthology, because I know one of the writers (he used to write for me on the Star Trek Fact Files) and he's eager to know what I think.

So... um, this is me... Xbox-less... signing off for today...

Oh, hang on, Scrubs is just about to start. Awesome!


Miss T said...

"I can't do this all on my own...."

I love everything about scrubs. Even the theme song.

Good lucking getting the box of X. I am not sure which to get Raymond for Xmas. I'm not even sure he's been that good a boy.

Um... what's a ball-peen hammer? It sounds cybernetic and paihful.

Miss T said...


Not full of paih.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

What's with the duplicate post up there ^?

I didn't comment on it, lest you dissolve it into to the ether...

Anyway, commiserations over X-Box fiasco. Roll on Monday.

Roll around on Tuesday and Wednesday too, if you like. I don't like them that much anyway...

Inexplicable DeVice said...

And bugger Scrubs (excellent though it is), Grey's Anatomy is on!

Tim said...

Miss T - I love Scrubs too! Tonight's was a bit hit and miss, but the janitor and a wrench with a knife on it that he called knife-wrench, which was funny!

I suggest you get Raymond an Xbox 360 and a copy of the Star Trek game, then steal it off him and try to blow me up on Xbox live! Yes, I'm throwing down my gloves and I challenge thee!

I don't know what a ball-peen hammer is ... and I'm too afraid to wiki it!

Inexplicable Device - Aaaaw... I don't know what was going on with the duplicate posts... Blogger was playing up when I tried to post, and being the impatient young whipper-snapper I am I just. Kept. Pressing. Publish.

Thanks about the Xbox commiserations. I've sort of got my emotions under control again now, so Monday, yeaaah... whatever!

Let's roll on all the days - get them out of the way quicker!

I've not seen Grey's Anatomy... but I've heard it's good! Can it really be Scrubs-good though?

Tara said...

I know your anxiety about not getting your much-awaited XBox. My computer monitor died on me the beginning of our Thanksgiving break. I was looking forward to hours and days of playing on the computer. I panicked, had a tantrum, and then went out and bought my first LSD computer monitor. I love it. My webcam actually fits better on that one. So kind of like waiting for an XBox, only....different..

Dinah said...

Grey's Anatomy is good in a soapy, sex-filled way. And in a bizarro medical case way. And in a McDreamy way.

So very sorry about the XboX. next time say "Xbox me up, bitches!" Or, if you said that this time, don't say it next time.

And I did know about the bad sex award, but I didn't want to influence your liking or not liking of the book. I can't wait for the Christmas holidays, so I can guilt-free read books of my own choosing.

Miss T said...

X-Box battled! Ohhh, you are so on!

I'll get it as a 'family gift' and monopolise it.

Please bear in mind if it is strategy based then I am fcuked. I am more the randomly click and point and shoot gamer.

Either way, you'll win!

Tim said...

Tara - I would HATE for one of my vital forms of tech to die around a big holiday (TV, 'puter, erm, microwave...) - but good move on getting the new monitor! Plus, don't you find that the new slimline ones just create so much more desk space? I didn't know what to do with all that extra room so I just threw some important looking bits of paper over it.

Dinah - Soapy and sexy in the same sentence?! Sounds like porn!

I didn't say "Xbox me up, bitches," but I definitely will when I finally get it.

As for bad sex awards - has anyone EVER written a decent sexy scene? They're all pretty laughable really - it's just not really something that can be written about in a non-sniggery fashion. Because 'boobs' is a funny word.

What are your books of choice for the Christmas holiday?

Miss T - Consider yourself challenged! I believe there is a bit of tactical-ness about the main single player game, but I get the general impression that the online side of things is pretty much just flinging photon torpedoes at one another.

Anyone else up for it?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I do have an X-Box but it's gathering dust under the TV at the moment. Although I was very intrigued by the Star Trek game. If I need to upgrade to X-Box 360 (or whatever) to play it/accept your challenge to a duel, I don't think I will - only because my Money Tree doesn't seem to be producing the goods...

Grey's Anatomy was fantastic! Not only was there a McDreamy, but a McSteamy too! Ahhhhhhhhh....

Tim said...

IDV - I'm sorry to tell you that yes, you will need to upgrade your Xbox to a 360 in order to join in the Star Trek glove-slap challenge. If the money tree is not providing, why not simply shoplift one*.

Grey's Anatomy ... hmmm... I don't think I'm going to jump into it - I hate starting to watch a show mid-season. McDreamy and McSteamy? Can I get fries and a small shake with that?

*Don't shoplift kids - stay in school!