Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm lost in music

Caught in a trap.

Oh, yeeeeeah...

So now I have a case to protect it, I've actually started using my new iPod Nano. First thoughts? Absolutely amazing. Design wise it's perfect - thin, small in stature, and sexy, rather like yours truly, then.* It has just about the right amount of memory - 8gb - to store a pretty darn good selection of my most favouritest tunes EVAH, which all sound somewhat richer than I remember them sounding.

The thing I like about getting a new iPod (this is my third - iPod #1 now serves as a back-up hard drive, while my iPod Shuffle has the privilage of getting sweaty with me down the gym and when out running) is that it almost feels like your entire collection of music is something brand new to explore. Just sorting through my iTunes threw up some quality tracks that I'd forgotten about (the Smallville soundtrack, for instance, has some really good songs on it - 'Nuclear' by Ryan Adams?). Of course, the old favourites are getting a good airing too - live Rolling Stones, classic Bowie, and - don't laugh - The OC soundtracks, which have been the gateway to me discovering artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Nada Surf.

So iPod Nano gets two thumbs up and a broad grin. The jury's still out on the case, though; it's silicone, and seems to attract copious amounts of dust. It looks like I'm carrying a flap of hamster skin around with me.


My gym is becoming an increasingly weird place. Tonight, some tubby middle-aged woman was huffing away on a treadmill next to mine at walking pace, and kept stealing rather obvious glances at how fast I was running, how many calories I was burning, etc. I almost told her it was rude to stare. But then her treadmill beeped, and cut off after 30 minutes.

And what did she do then? She got off, checked her mobile, got back on, and started walking again. Why doesn't she go the hell out for a walk in the REAL WORLD if that's all she's going to do?

Elsewhere, some middle-aged man was exercising away while dressed in a shirt, suit trousers, and work shoes. Now that is just weird, unless the gym is instigating a dress code. Should I wear a tie next time? I'm sure it would look very dapper tucked into my sweaty vest.

Anyway, just as I was leaving, guess whose treadmill beeped to indicate 30 minutes was up? Yup. And guess who she walked over to? Yup. Peas in a pod. The weirdos hang together.

*Please excuse me. Constant references to my physical form stem from either:
a) A desire to be completely honest with you.
b) An incessant need to boost my own ego.
c) A sure sign that I'm a pathological liar.
d) Delusions of the highest order.
You may apply whichever one you prefer when thinking of me.


Dinah said...

I was just thinking today about how much I love my iPod. I have the 2GB nano, which is enough for classic faves plus new music I'm addicted to lately, so it encourages me to change it up every now and then.

Tim said...

That's exactly how I treat mine, Dinah! I have a number of all-time favourites that stay on there no matter what, and then swap other stuff on and off at my whim.

The nano is definitely the happy medium between the full size iPod and the tiny tiny shuffle!

Dora and Tina said...

What's up with crazy gym people?
A girl at my gym comes in wearing full make-up and an outfit that I surprised she can move at all wearing. She gets on a treadmill for about 10 minutes and then leaves.

I suspect she is having an affair and the gym is the scene of the crime!!!!!!

Or she's just a dickhead...

Tim said...

I'm betting she's just a dickhead.

I find that my gym is full of people wearing *SO* much aftershave/perfume - it's like the gym is the latest pick-up spot.

I seriously had to get off a rowing machine once because some woman's perfume made me wheezy.

Oh, god, and talking of inappropriate dress, there used to be some bloke who'd do a workout, then go get changed into JUST a pair of tight cycling bib shorts, and sit on an exercise bike for 30 minutes with his flabby moobs just hanging out. It was gross.

Ryan said...

I use my iPod as a back-up hard drive, too! Because, if my illegal music collection that I've built up over the years was compromised, I would... cry.

skillz said...

I really want an mp3 player but I can't bring myself to getting an ipod.

I can only get an ipod if I convert, and I'm not prepared to do that.

The sony ones play all formats so I think I'll go for one of those.

Miss T said...

I love my Nano - but I have to update my lappy so I can load different music onto it. The last 'puter it was registered with crashed and burned.... but it's the best thing ever.

Oh, and a suggestion for your multiple choice - how about another option:

(e) This is my blog and I can say whatever I please about myself!

Tim said...

Ryan - Ha ha ha!!! I'm sure that word between 'my' and 'music collection' can't be 'illegal,' can it?

Ah, iPods have so many other uses besides playing music and making you look cool!

Skillz - Get an iPod! My brother is a PC user and he wasn't going to get one, then iConvinced him otherwise and he *HEARTS* it big time now.

Get an iPod!

Miss T - Another fellow Nano user - hurrah! They are super-awesome-cool aren't they?

And yeah, (e) This is my blog and I can say whatever I please about myself!

Too damn right!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

"Gym? What the hell's a gym?!"

"Oh. A gym"

I don't know about 'small in stature', but you are a giant among bloggers. I can see the headline now:


Tim said...

A gym. Yeah...!

A giant among bloggers!? ME?! *Blushes* You flatter me!!

Although if I could grow to 50 feet tall I'd definitely go on a rampage, just for laughs!!!

skillz said...


That's so much like the superliminal "Hey you, JOIN THE ARMY!" joke from The Simpsons.

Holy crap, look at my word verification!!!!!! IT'S A SIGN!!!


Tim said...

It's a sign from God* - just like in the Blues Brothers.

Do it. DO IT!!!!

*Or Steve Jobs.