Monday, November 27, 2006

Blitzing Christmas

First of all, I don't mean blitzing in the WWII stylee. I thought about titling this post 'Blitzen Christmas' with a little pun on the name of one of Santa's little ol' reindeer, but that's exactly what it was: a little pun, barely worth my time, certainly not yours.

So yes, I 'blitzed Christmas' over the weekend. Jo and I had planned to do a monster shop (not "Grrr, arrrgh" monster, just big) for a couple of weeks, and we'd planned an early start. Terrifyingly, and somewhat biblically, my alarm clock went off at nine, and as I hit snooze and rolled over for "another five minutes" the LARGEST CLAP OF THUNDER EVAH rocked my little house to the core. It was like God was commanding me to shop for Christmas. My heart was thumping like a teenage mum chastising her vile offspring; dare I say it was almost worthy of a "save me Tom Cruise!"

So to Kingston we went! We started with a coffee. Well, I did; Jo doesn't drink it, but I bought her an Innocent juicy water which she seemed quite happy with. Then we shopped. We were there for almost six hours, and I came away particularly laden with bags. And just to rub it in for those of you who haven't started (it's only next month - what the hell are you thinking!), I might start wrapping this week.

On the other hand, being so organised does lead to the nagging feeling that I must be forgetting something...


I spent the rest of Sunday finishing off my My Name is Earl DVD boxset, and came to the realization that this is definitely one of my favourite shows - quite possibly my favourite live action comedy ever. It looks vibrant, it's well written and acted, and most of all it's damn funny; I think I'm falling for Jaime Pressly who plays Earl's trailer trash ex-wife Joy.

They even filmed a special 'extra' episode for the DVDs in which Earl is influenced by Stewie Griffin from Family Guy to make a list of all the people he wants to get revenge on.

And who the hell knew Jason Lee actually grew his moustache for the show? It takes serious guts to have something like that on your face for eight months of the year. I expect.


Tara said...

Hi! Found you through "Smile Like You Mean It".

Great job on getting some Christmas shopping done! I bought some candy for one of my brothers, but lost patience and ate the box rather than sending it to him early. Aside from that, my brother in Canada sent me something already. I can't open the present until Christmas. Rules are rules.

I'm jealous that you are still getting thunderstorms. We're heading into the snow season soon.

Miss T said...

I love it when they freeze on Joy's face mid-sneer. Everyone on that show is pretty fearless, in that they don't mind being made to look trashy!

Oh, and I haven't even thought of Xmas shopping. I am relying on robot Santa to find everyone on my list as 'naughty'

Tim said...

Tara - Howdy, and welcome! I think you're entirely justified on eating any and all candy you buy for other people - I certainly would have. Fortunately, I only bought unedible presents - or unfortunately if you look at it from my point of view...

This was some freak bizarro thunderstorm, but I'm pretty sure it was aimed just at me. I didn't go out until it had passed just incase I got zapped by lightning. I'm jealoous you're getting snow - at most we get some sort of grey mush that causes all forms of public transport to seize up!!

Miss T - The picture of Joy is staring at me as I type; she's trashy yet adorable. Ahhhh...

I'd forgotten about Robot Santa - I have to have a Futurama marathon soon!!!

Dora and Tina said...

Help me baby jesus!

As Tina is going away for the holidays, I'm just giving everyone money and saying "go nuts".

I also hate shopping at anytime of the year, so Christmas just makes me more angry.

Tim said...

You give people money? Cool! There seems to be a bit of a stigma with regards to just giving money over here - we're encouraged to give vouchers instead.

I think cold hard cash is waaaaay better because you can use it anywhere, rather than just HMV.

That's a hint people.

(That was a joke people)

But... you hate shopping!? It must be the metrosexual in me, but I love shopping. And then we get our nails done, and our hair curled, then top it all off with a slumber party. Yay!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I actually do want to "do a monster shop" the "Grrr, arrrgh" version, not the "big" one.

Finding a reliable moster in this day and age is very difficult!

Tim said...

You want to shop for a monster? Do they sell them in Argos? I bet they do - they've got everything in the laminated book of dreams!

Dinah said...

I had a dream last night where I was Christmas shopping. And now you know how lame I am.

But it would be cool to shop as if you were a monster, lumbering and growling through the store.

Tim said...

There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, lame about dreaming about Christmas shopping. I love Christmas shopping, as long as it's not too crowded!

Can you imagine taking a big monster shopping? That would be great. Maybe something like Chewbacca...