Friday, April 28, 2006

My own personal Nemesis

Here's a question: Anyone got any good ideas about how to vanquish a Nemesis?

I ask this because I have one, and unlike a basket of puppies you can't just dump it in the river and watch it float away. Or, better still, drown.

Things would be so much easier if I could just vapourise him, but I think the technology is still a few years off. Maybe banish him to the phantom zone?

Damn these pop-culture references! Answers on a postcard!!

(And the more they look like the Hooded Claw would've used them to eliminate Penelope Pitstop the better!)


skilleans said...

Pour liquid nitrogen down his pants and crack his buttocks with a hammer.

Tim said...

That, quite frankly, is genius.

Where can I get some liquid nitrogen!?

skilleans said...

Amazon do it for about £8. But if you buy a couple of packs of Mach 3 razors too you can push the order about £19 and get free delivery. BONUS.

Tim said...

Amazon is great. Books. CDs. DVDs. Nemesis-vanquishing equipment... And if the liquid nitrogen doesn't work I could always hoof Mach 3s at him!