Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cor blimey, my 'ead hurts

So I woke up today with a headache, which was a lovely start to the day. (I doubt it has anything to do with yesterday's cola mega-test)

After a couple of hours spent wishing it away (that worked!), I remembered that I'd bought some 4head a while back. This miracle cure is, apparently, a natural alternative to pills. Great, I hate taking tablets (I'd've been rubbish at raves back in the early 90s - sober as a judge. Oh, and I would've only been about 13).

Anyway, whipped out the 4head (reflecting just for an instant on how I like what they did with the name, very witty), and wiped it over my spam. Give it a few minutes...

Ooo... it tingles...


Hmmm... my eyes are watering.

Great. Not only do I still have the headache, but now I look like it's reduced me to tears. Maybe I need to apply more?

Anyway, suffice to say it didn't work. Would it've been more successful if I'd wedged it in my ear and twiddled it around a bit? I dunno, but I'll try it next time.

Either that or I'll swap it for a Pritt Stick; I doubt it'll cure the headache, but there's countless comedy applications.

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