Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Erm, hang on a sec


Look here – like a prissy little queen, the Daily Mail is outraged again.

That said, they've kinda got a point this time - all charges against Cocaine Ka– sorry, Kate Moss, have been dropped because she didn't 'admit' to Police that she'd snorted something white, powdery, and, er, oh yeah! Illegal.

So... let me get this right: despite the photos, the public apologies, etc, etc, because she didn't go "yes guv, I did it" she gets off?!

Damn! If i'd known that when I was a kid I'd have escaped numerous botty smacks!

(And just to clear that up - I was not a child cocaine addict; it was more to do with stealing my bro's Lego.)



Big Bro (aka, Jamal apparently) said...

I wondered where all me bloody lego went......
Your gonna pay bro..... In technic lego please, thanx

Tim said...

Do I look bovvered?