Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tick list

So, last time I posted I mentioned a few things I had planned for the week ahead. And by jove, I've only been and gone and done some of them!

First up, on Friday, was a walk in the park with Jo. Now, Friday was a weird day, because I woke up thinking it was Saturday, then the idea of going for a walk in the park made me think it was Sunday, because my Dad always took us out for walks in the park on Sunday afternoons when I was a kid. Anyway, that's not your problem, it was mine; throughout the walk, I kept saying to Jo "is it Saturday or Sunday?" but because she was just as confused as I was she just kept giving me her patented "ya-huh?" look.

The park - I say park, but it was actually Virginia Waters - was lovely. The weather was awesome, and there were lots of people out having fun which gave it a rather lovely summery feel. I took some pictures too!

Look! It's the totem pole!!

I'm totally trying to trick you into thinking it's like, a pencil or something. But it's actually real.

Anyway, there are two lakes in Virginia Waters, and we inadvertantly walked around both - a total of about seven or eight miles. We saw a dog on a lead trying to pull its owner into one of the lakes, and I was totally on the dog's side just for sheer comedy value. In fact, I was standing there watching them with my camera phone in hand ready to snap it for posterity, but the dog gave up in the end, the big wuss.

Having finally made it back to the car, we decided to go for a drink because we were sooooooo thirsty. We were going to go to a pub called the Monkey's Forehead, but drove past it too quickly, so just ended up going and sitting in a pub by the river in Staines, which was nice. It's been a long time since Jo and I just hung out and chatted. Good times!


I pretty much did nothing on Saturday except go to Sainsbury's to buy sugar, and came away without buying any sugar - duh…

Today was more interesting, though. Well actually it wasn't, but I definitely did more. First up was washing my car, which was a bit of an epic task because I haven't done it in so long. It was pretty dirty (and not in a Christina Salguilera way).

But it washed up luvverly.

Oh, wait, we should totally do this like an advert for a new cleaning product!

Although the fact that the angles aren't quite right on the pictures does kind of make it look like my car's a cut 'n shut… It's not though!

After that herculean task I decided to go out on my bike (ooo, get me, Mister Exercise!). I actually thought about cycling to Virginia Waters and going off track, but that sounded like a little bit too much hard work, so I just went out on the roads. Still, it was good fun, the sun was really warm, and I've got weird tanlines now. Hurrah!


skillz said...

Damn, I was gonna make that cut n shut joke until I came upon it but one line later!

I'm sure I've asked this, but have you been to that Eel Pie Island in Richmond?

Tim said...

Eel Pie Island? I don't think you've asked this before…


I've never been there, though I've been past it loads, and stood on the shore and stared across at it. Now, Sparky Ma could tell some tales about that place. Oh yes, she could…

Why d'ya ask?

Tara said...

I liked the trick photography you posted up there. I wonder if there are pencils that are carved and painted to make them look like totem polls? If not, there should be!

Tim said...

Can you imagine little intricately carved pencils? They'd be awesome, but no one would want to sharpen them because they'd ruin them in the process!

(WV: croutlus. Does that mean I am without German?)

skillz said...

A friend of mine was talking about it, and then another friend who lives near there mentioned it too.

Sparky Ma has stories...? Involving the rock stars who hang out there?

Tim said...

Ah, I see. Well, truth be told it's a bit of a dump these days - it's just full of old hippies and disused shipyard-thingies. I am intrigued by the place, but I'm also put-off by the hippies.

As for Sparky Ma, well I've heard some stories about that island. She used to go over there when she was a rebellious teenager. They used to put an ink stamp on your wrist to show you'd paid to get into the gigs, but then she'd have the problem of trying to rub it off before she got home, because Sparky Nan forbid her from going there. Of course she couldn't and Sparky Nan always found the evidence.

However, there was one time Sparky Nan found the 'mark of Eel Pie Island,' and she was just about to, like, ground Ma FOREVER, when Ma blurted out "But I saw Long John Bawldry!"

Sparky Nan apparently stopped in her tracks, then said "*Gasp!* Did you!? What was he like!?!?" and all thoughts of punishment were forgotten.