Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Everything is officially awesome

So I woke up today, the first day after the Easter weekend, yawned like a newborn kitten, bitch-slapped the alarm clock, and went back to sleep … because, oh yeah, I'm totally on holiday baby!

Then I woke up again, and realised that I kind of needed to get up because I was getting my haircut at 10:20.

Back in 2003 I went through a phase of trying, um, how shall we say, 'unconventional haircuts.' My personal favourite was 'the skunk,' which was an awesome bleached Pepe le Pew-stylee stripe across my head. And bizarrely, everyone else kind of liked it too.

Recently I've gotten into thinking that I wanted to experiment again in some way. I knew it needed to be short, but how to funk it up a bit…?

My stylist had the answer: oh yes - I am now sporting a funkadelic asymmetrical haircut. I'm rather chuffed with it, to be honest. It's edgy; it's hip; it might even be a little bit dangerous. You may gasp… NOW!

(There was one area of experimental hairstyling that I nixed, however; as she was cutting the back, my stylist asked if I wanted to retain a little 'tag' of off-set length. There are two reasons why I told her to cut it off: firstly, I know that after about a month it'd curl out in some strange orphan-Annie way, and secondly, it'd drive Sparky Ma mad, and she'd snip it off the first chance she had)


After returning home and Xboxing it up for about an hour, I spontaneously decided to head to the cinema to see Sunshine.


My favourite film of the year sooooooo faaaaaaar!* I absolutely loved it. What a great, intelligently told, beautifully-shot science-fiction film (there was an amazing sequence where the crew watch Mercury pass in front of the sun - it lasted about a minute but was so gorgeous I would've been content if it had lasted half the length of the movie)! It was reminiscent of Alien in many ways, but I don't mean in that it ripped it off, because it didn't. It was quite a low-key cast, too - only Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans (the American actor, not the ginger UK television 'personality'), and Michelle Yeoh were familiar to me. To be honest, I was sort of expecting not to like it too much - I thought it might be slow, and slightly up itself, but I'm so glad to be proved wrong. I read recently that director Danny Boyle said he wouldn't make another sci-fi film after this - I hope he changes his mind.

Sunshine - go see it when you can; I don't think it's getting released in North America until the end of the year which makes a pleasant change to the usual way these things go.

(Tomorrow: My Big Fat Sweaty Greek Battle - it has a lot to live up to!)


Perhaps the only downside of the mid-afternoon cinema expedition was the weirdos that turn up at the cinema mid-afternoon. While I was queuing to buy my ticket some rotund ginger mouth breather wearing a Pantera t-shirt practically ended up standing next to me, so it looked like we were 'together.' When the ticket-booth monkey appeared ready to question my request for "one ticket to Sunshine (please)" I brought the dangerous aspect of my new haircut into play. He didn't - or rather couldn't - look me in the eye after that.

There was also some chav-wit in the cinema who turned to his mates after the film ended and said "that was bollocks." I almost bitch-slapped him back to Feltham Young Offenders Institute. The film was NOT bollocks - he was just too stupid to understand anything with more plot than an average episode of The Tweenies…

*OK, admittedly it's been slim-pickings so far, but don't let that take anything away from how much I liked Sunshine. It was awesome!


Tara said...

One time when my mom and I were at a neighborhood theatre, we had eaten as much popcorn as we could, so we put the rest of the bucket down on the floor. Some guy climbed through the seats only to make it to the main isle, and stepped in our bucket of popcorn, fell over my mom's legs and landed in the isle he was trying to get to. He looked back at us and left. Definitely a priceless moment that got us laughing even years later.

Tim said...

Ha ha ha!!! Tara, that's brilliant! I've always been tempted to trip-up some filthy chav as he's legging it down the isle - but I've never actually done it!! Kudos to you, your mum, and a well-placed bucket of popcorn!!

T-Bird said...

I am in a state of confusion with Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later. It must be because of Cillian Murphy.

Back it right up, Timothy! I hope by 'asymmetrical' you DON'T mean 'mullet'. Please say it ain't so...

Tim said...

I don't think Cillian Murphy's in 28 Weeks Later, is he? "No more zombies for me!" he probably thought, before running off to Hollywood. 28 Weeks Later does look good though… Empty London = creepy!

I'm backing up, I'm backing up! Simma down, T-Bird, simma down!! Rest assured I DO NOT have a mullet! The back of my hair is short (it curls up otherwise); by asymmetrical I mean that - and this might sound weird but it looks cool - at the front it's cropped close on the righthand side, and left slightly longer on the left. It's edgy!

missy&chrissy said...

ooh, looking forward to sunshine coming out here!

and post pics of the new 'do - your readers need to know you are mullet-free!

iPandah said...

You should have used your edgy haircut on the chav wit. Out-style him, it's the only way to go. Can we see a picture of this groundbreaking haircut please? Clearly we're all having trouble working out what you've done!

T-Bird, I think you mean 28 Days, a zombie film with, yes, Cillian Murphy in it! 28 Weeks Later is a film where Sandra Bullock (chortle) goes in to rehab for being an alcoholic. Or so my friend JT says. I tend to avoid Sandra Bullock (chortle, chortle) films though so it could be wrong.

Tim said...

Missy&Chrissy - For a minute there I thought you were making a commment on the weather! It's an awesome movie, I really hope you get to see it soon, and really enjoy it!

As for the hair… well, I've posted one above. I might put a front view up, but I'm feeling particularly shy at the moment…! (not hair-related, I should add!)

iPandah - Oh don't you start too! *sigh* note to self: charge camera battery…

Confusingly 28 Days Later is getting a sequel (out in May, I think) called 28 weeks Later. Can we wish for a zombie Sandra Bullock? We can only hope…