Thursday, April 05, 2007

Punch to the groin, jab to the face!

Despite power outages and all the odds, I somehow managed to get everything done this week that I needed to get done. Admittedly I haven't taken a lunch break the last couple of days, had to work at home in the evenings, and had to skip out on a screening of My Big Fat Sweaty Greek Battle (AKA 300) with Marcosy, but by god I'm now awash with that feeling of utter tranquility that you get when you just know the JOB. IS. DONE.

Strangely, though, the last four days have taken their toll - in a most bizarre way: I've got bruised and bloodied knuckles. Now, this might be acceptable if I'd at some point had to push my colleague in all things Trekkie to the ground and beaten him up (maybe for not putting sugar in my tea, perhaps?), but I haven't. I can only imagine that I'm developing a Tyler Durden-esque split personality that I can't tell you about.

I'll know for certain if Meatloaf turns up outside my house.

"You're too old, fat man. Your tits are too big. Get the f*ck off my porch!"


So, done and dusted, and on holiday for the next 10 days. Yay-ness. I've not really got any concrete plans for my time off, but I there are a number of things I'll be slotting in:

• A walk in the park with Jo. We're going to Virginia Waters! It's been years since I've gone there - I might take a picture of the Totem Pole for you!
• A bike ride. I think I've got the cycling bug again (no doubt a cream is available to clear it up).
• Wash the car. I called the wheel repair dude today - he remembers me from over two years ago, I'm clearly too cool for school - and he's coming Monday. He needs the wheel to be clean to do his thang, and I'd feel a bit of a tit driving round with one clean wheel. Anyway, the Sparky Mobile has been gagging for a wash for ages; somewhere under all that grime is a Mini, apparently!
• Haircut. It's just about reached unmanageable proportions. Must… look… awesome…
• Shopping with Sparky Ma. Something of a tradition, and we always goad each other into buying things we either don't want, don't need, or will never use.
• Shopping with Marcosy, perhaps? (email me, dude!) We end up like a pair of giddy school girls skipping between stores. He usually goads me into buying things I either don't want, don't need, or will never use.
• And scatter in there plenty of reading, DVDs, Xboxing, and sleeping.

Good times, ahead, methinks.


I've started my week off with what turned out to be a pretty good run*, in a fairly decent time I might add. I've noticed something over the last couple of runs I do, however. There's a little side road in Sunbury, and whenever I run down it one of the street lights just blinks out. Just like that *snaps*. It's really weird, and I can't help wondering if it's all part of some candid camera-style TV show; I can picture the producers hunched over a control panel now, pressing a button to turn the light off in the hope that I'll stack it big-time in pitch darkness. Third time and still no luck, eh chaps? Better look for some other sucker…

It's also possible that it's connected in some way to the power outage at work on Tuesday. Am I developing some sort of electrickery-nullifying super-power, perhaps? Will I be a danger to mains generators and electrical goods everywhere? Or is it just the gleam in my eye, the skip in my stride, and the fire in my soul that's over-powering these things? Only time will tell, people, only time will tell…

*What? You don't get awesome thighs and a quality ass by sitting around playing Xbox, y'know. Or do you…?


Dinah said...

That light thing sound like a gag from "Just for Laughs", a Canadian version of Candid Camera, sort of. It's actually a painful show to watch in that it is rarely funny, probably because it's all silent because it's filmed in Quebec and they think the rest of us can't speak French, so they pipe in a bunch of Benny Hill-esque music. Gah.

Tara said...

I usually let rain take care of my car, but I think eventually when the weather turns warm, I'll have to get my car washed.

One of the best things about going on vacation/holiday is not having an exact plan. Shopping with your mom sounds fun, though. I'm going out to eat on Easter Sunday with mine.

Happy Easter! And enjoy your holiday!

Tim said...

Dinah - But my equations and research tell me that Benny Hill music makes everything funny… was I wrong?

Tara - I always think the rain will sort my car out for me, but somehow it just makes it dirtier. It's so confusing.

I'm sooooooo looking forward to my time off - although I'd kinda forgotten it was Easter! You have a tip-top time too!

skillz said...

get a haircut, hippy!

as for bloodied knuckles... you're NOT supposed to talk about it! read your rulebook again, specifically lines one and two.

Tim said...

Oops. I talked about it again, didn't I? Geez, I'm so mouthy. Blah blah blah, there I go again.

It's verbal diarrhea, and I apologise. I won't talk about Fight Club again.


T-Bird said...

You're like an X Man or something. ElectroBoogalooTim. That's why all the lights keep going out!

Have a great Easter break!

Tim said...

As long as I don't make the TV cutout when The OC is on, I'll be a happy X-Men bunny!

Yo yo yo - Happy Easter to you too!

Dinah said...

Are you getting anywhere near the end of the season on the OC yet?

Tim said...

Oh, god, yeah we are! The last one airs on the 24th - Yaz and I already have an official 'last OC' evening planned where I'll be putting on a grey hoodie and wifebeater, and I might punch something (hope my knuckles are healed by then). We're going to have dinner, then watch the last episode. There will be a tear-tinged "wahay" as we watch the final chapter in the Cohens and the Cooper-Nichols-Cooper-Bullit/Atwood families.

And then I'll get the DVDs and watch it all over again.

Dinah said...

Make sure you have kleenex, for the last ten minutes. And for your knuckles, in case you have to rough some stuff up.

Tim said...

Will emotions run high, Dinah? I'm dreading it and waiting for it in equal measure...

I hope I don't punch my dinner.

One Tree Hill starts again today over here - they described it on the advert as "a bit like The OC, only not as funny and with a little bit of Basketball in it."

That made me laugh!