Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hello sunshine **UPDATE - now with super-awesome photoshoped evidence!**

Phew! This weekend has flown by, probably because I've got to go back to work tomorrow, which always seems to make those last few days of holiday just disappear like that *snaps*. But there's also been some good things too. Today has been my brother's birthday, for one.

The main present I got Simon was an ickle helicopter, like this one. And, surprise, surprise, it's actually quite good! Which can't really be said for Simon's piloting skills at the moment; he can fly up. He can fly down. He can land it on his hand. But if you wanted to, say, fly a note from one end of the room to the other… well, he can't do that (yet). And his landings are… bumpy at best. Put it this way, I can't say I'd fly with him if it was a full-size chopper. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeaaahh - SPLAT!


It's been such a nice day today - soooooooo warm. So warm. So, as I have on the last couple of Sundays, I decided to go out on my bike. Over the last couple of weeks I've been doing pretty short rides (by which I mean 'quite short rides,' not that I was cycling through meadows with kittens bounding along beside me), about an hour at most, but today I decided to push it baby, push it real good. I was off like a shot. Pretty soon, though, I realised that the typical Britlander mentality was coming to the fore; there were acres of unnecessary exposed flesh on view - enough, in fact, to make your eyes water. I mean, really, I just wanted to pull up alongside some people and say "blimey, put it away!" and because I was on a bike I'd've been able to make a quick and clean getaway without fear of reprisals. Now, it must be said, I was looking a tad pasty up until about 30 minutes into the ride, but then I started turning a nice crispy tanned colour. There's a scary amount of people around at the moment whose semi-translucent skin just seems to turn a rather vibrant shade of pink.

I tell you, those moisturisers around at the moment with the hint of self-tanning would do a roaring trade if they were handing out free samples.

Anyway, just over an hour and a half later I returned to Sparky Towers, slightly worn out but feeling awesome. Sweaty and awesome, but awesome nonetheless.


This weekend was noticeable for one other thing aside from Simon's birthday: someone claimed the illustrious 10,000th visitor spot on my sitemeter at 14:26 on Saturday afternoon. Now, admittedly, the true 10,000th visit probably took place sometime in the middle of the week, because I didn't actually add my sitemeter until a few days after I started the blog, but numbers talk, and I don't want to guestimate a 'real' 10,000th. So, which lucky reader claimed number 10,000…? Was it one of you regulars? Was it a first-time reader?


It was someone in the UK Googling 'knee boots and sexy legs presenters.'

And if anyone's interested, Google directed them to last August's posts, although I don't recall ever posting about 'knee boots and sexy legs presenters.'

Has someone hacked my blog?

Ah well, not to worry. Congratulations to you, number 10,000. I hope you find what you're looking for, ya crazy pervert!


Dad just emailed me this pic of Simon and his ickle helicopter.

Hmmm… That's a nasty case of red-eye there… or is it…



Dinah said...

Hahaha, I love that.

Not so awesome: the feeling right before you have to go back to work.

But if you ever make a cartoon out of your life, be sure to include the bounding kitties.

T-Bird said...

I am so with Dinah on the pro-bounding kitties motion.

Nifty little piece of photoshop there, Zod is up to his old tricks again!

Tim said...

Dinah - I'm always thinking of kittens. Even at work. They help me get in the right frame of mind.

I'm *so* going to make a movie of my life, and the trailer will start with hordes of kittens bounding through fields. It'll be like 300, but with kittens.

T-Bird - I'm going to hold some kryptonite next to Simon to see if it has some effect. And if it does, well … bring me my Phantom Zone projector!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

The thought of Kitten 300 has me giggling like a special! What an image.

Actually, Kitten 300 also has somewhat sinister undertones. As if K300 is actually a gigantic feline cyborg killer. I wonder if it would be a match for Zod?

Tim said...

Kitten 300 would quite possibly be the most awesome thing EVAH. And by that I mean kitten spartans, not gigantic marauding cyborgs.

We should start the ball rolling on that particular project - let's pitch it to some studios!!!