Friday, October 26, 2007

The ying and the yang

Isn't it strange how one little incident can change your mood in an instant? Take today, for example; I was driving into work as normal, and I was in a pretty good mood. The roads were clear, I was listening to the Fight Club soundtrack (which I love), and then I almost had a massive car accident.

Well, I say 'I almost had,' but the truth is that it was actually some careless woman driving like a nutter that almost had the accident. I would've been the victim.

Basically, what happened was this: I was driving down a narrow residential road near the office. A lorry was pulling out of a side road on the left, and stopped half way out to give way to me. The nutter pulled round the back of the lorry, zoomed across the give way line, and aimed her Audi convertible directly at my passenger door. I slammed the brakes on. She slammed the breaks on. I braced for impact. She somehow stopped about a foot away from my car.

I shouted "OH MY GOD!"

She gesticulated that I should've let her through.

I went utterly *ballistic*.

In hindsight, the fact that I was shouting through my closed passenger side window and her windscreen kind of diminished the effect, and the volume at which I was verbalizing my response to her driving. I reckon she probably got the gist of it though. I'm actually a little startled by the colourful language I used. No doubt somewhere an entire flock* of nuns crossed themselves and wept in unison; if a kitten died every time the f-word is uttered there'd be a world kitty shortage by now.

I think I've used up my annual quota of the word "f**kwit."

Anyway, it kind of put me in a foul mood for a good few hours. I had to watch some videos of cats doing funny things on youtube to cheer up.

My throat is still a little hoarse, though, come to think of it.

What really got me, though, is that I was suddenly struck by the fact that there's a worrying trend of people not taking responsibility for their actions. This woman was clearly in the wrong, yet she was trying to transfer blame to me. Why do people have such difficulty admitting they're at fault? I like to think that if I do something wrong I'll put my hand up and say "oops, my bad." I've done it in the past, and I'm pretty damn sure I'll have to do it at some point in the future. Why can't others?


On the plus side, I've had an awesome time post-work: I went to Kingston to go to the launch of Leopard at the Apple Store. Which is quite possibly the nerdiest thing I've done in ages. Go to a shop to see the launch of a new computer operating system?! Yes.

There was a bit of a queue outside the store (iQueue?), but when the store opened it moved pretty quickly and I was soon high-fiving the dude at the door and collecting a free Apple t-shirt. I usually don't high-five strangers, but he was really enthusiastic about it, and was counting his chain of high-fives (I was number 10 - obviously not everyone was in the mood), so I would've felt bad about just looking at him with disdain and rolling my eyes.

As long as one of the other store pixies didn't get a photo of me partaking in said high-five I think I can live with it.

*Just what is a group of nuns called?


Dinah said...

That's so scary! I'm glad you and the kitties are alright.

Maybe you're going to be the new high-fiving poster boy for Apple!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

It sounds like that was one of those times when driving a tank to work is not only acceptable, but good for your health.

I like 'flock of nuns'. It seems to be quite popular if you google it...

Why is Apple unleashing a leopard on the general populace? Admittedly, quite a few people need a good mauling, but what if the leopard gets carried away?
I hope you came away unscathed.

WillowC said...

A peck of nuns.


People never admit they're wrong, it drives me up the wall. I think it's instinct though, sadly. Glad you're ok though, expletives very understandable.

And I'm a little late with this but: Floella Benjamin is now the president of my old university. Suddenly I don't feel qualified at all :(

Tara said...

FOURTH! Woo hoo! :D

I could be in the best mood too, until I go to the local grocery store. Their parking lot is a little under construction. That's one thing. But then I always get stuck behind some airhead who has no clue how to park. I too am able to dust off some swear words I haven't used in awhile.
Glad you're okay, though, and that your car wasn't torn up either. Oh and while you're looking at kitten videos on YouTube, you should also check out some comedians. Especially Dane Cook.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

A Habit of Nuns?

Tim said...

Dinah - I'd so do that! Wearing my special Leopard t-shirt! They wouldn't even have to pay me - I might just stand outside the Apple store and high-five randoms!

Inexplicable Device - I fear googling 'flock of nuns' - what are you trying to make me look at? WHAT!?

Willowc - Be proud of your Floella connection - you're top of the leaderboard for six degrees of Floella Benjamin!

Tara - I keep hearing about Dane Cook and haven't gotten round to checking out his comedy. I shall do it on your recommendation!

IDV - A wimple?

iPandah said...

I think the problem you encountered there was that she was driving an Audi. When you buy an Audi or BMW, you have to sign a contract whereby you relinquish ever having to take or admit responsibility for your actions ever again. You never have to indicate, you're allowed to drive whilst using your mobile phone (unlike everyone else), you can change lanes whenever you like (the later and more dangerously the better) and, of course, in the event of an accident, you can sleep soundly knowing (thinking) that it wasn't your fault.

I have two new insults I like to use:

Fuckron - a cross between a moron and a fucker
Fuckknuckle - just because
Fuckle - an amalgamation of the above.

So there.

Tim said...

I find Mercedes drivers are like that too; I never let them out of side roads.

I like your new insults. I shall scribble them down on the back of my hand for fuuuuuuuuture reference!