Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Don't ask me why, but I've been in a bit of a grumpy mood today. It might be because I burnt the inside of my mouth while eating a hot chocolate sponge pudding last night, which has subsequently made eating or drinking anything above room temperature a little bit painful. Or it might be because the weather is miserable, though I doubt that because I actually like miserable weather. Let's not question it, huh? All it's meant is that I've hit the toffee muffins with alarming regularity, and spent last night huddled up on the sofa watching Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country on DVD. How very Bridget Jones-with-a-penis of me. I did not, however, cry about my love life excessively. Or, indeed, at all. Although I will punch the first person who reminds me of the line about Klingons having no tear ducts from the aforementioned movie, OK?

Looking back, though, I notice that I always seem to hit a bit of a funk around this time of year. Those of you who've been lingering here for a while might remember me talking about getting a new job this time last year, and the thought briefly entered my mind again this afternoon. I dismissed it quickly, though, because I like what I do too much; every job has its ups and downs, anyway. Maybe it's just my time of the month? Maybe I need a duvet day? Theoretical secretary could bring me a toffee muffin in bed.

On the plus side, I wrote a bit of my book at lunchtime (yes, the one that I was supposed to have finished in February), and I always write better when I'm in a mood. I only wrote a little bit, but I was really rather pleased with it. And I'll certainly be heading out for a run this evening because that always works well as a de-stress tactic.

In the meantime, I'll just be sitting here, gently sipping from a cup of coffee and wincing quietly. It's something else to whine about anyway. Grrrr!


I was having a lovely email conversation with Willow C yesterday which I'm sure she won't mind me mentioning here*. She was asking me about the new Star Trek movie, having just heard that the news that Simon Pegg is going to be playing Scotty (I'm not sure how I feel about this exactly, and instead shall just keep repeating the mantra "in JJ we trust" over and over again), and wanted to know who was playing Kirk. Well, the latest piece of filthy gossip suggests that some dude called Chris Pine will be slipping into Shatner's shoes, which is interesting not only for the fact that his name reminds me of Christopher Pike (Kirk's predecessor as captain of the Enterprise), but also because he's previously done nothing I've ever seen, and he apparently has eyes like hypnotoad**.

Anyway, good luck to him if it's true. All I'll say is he better read his lines in … TRUE … SHATNER … STYLE!

What this does mean, though, is that the guess I'd made as to who would get the role has gone completely tits-up. If anyone cares, I reckoned that Jenson Ackles from Supernatural would have made a quality Shatner-junior. Well, after me, that is.


Quick message to the person from California who found this blog via Google and the search tag 'slipping someone acid' - don't do it, dude: NOT COOL!


Right, I've been meaning to link to this for aaaaages and keep forgetting. Online Puzzle-Bobble? Totally addicted.

*If you do, Willow C - tough! Rawr!

**Incidently, that link takes you to what is currently one of my favourite websites. It's right up there with this - which, quite frankly, is the pinnacle of acting that the new guy should be striving for.


Tara said...

Ohhh, you told me about that puzzle-bobble thing before and I got hooked. You're such a game pusher. ;D

Sorry to hear about burning your mouth. It ruins some of the eating and drinking experience. I hurt myself eating nachos one year, and it was quite painful. Damned sharp-edged nachos.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I'll pop back to check out the links later, Grumpy Guts. Just got back from Inexcuseable's and have really dry eyes - Must take contacts out before eyes turn inot sultanas.

WillowC said...

I don't mind you mentioning it at all, dear boy. Especially in the same post as the fantastic and wonderful Puzzle Bobble! I stand by my opinion that there's no reason The Shat shouldn't be in it though. The new Star Trek, not Puzzle Bobble.

Tim said...

Tara - There should be a health warning on these foods! Warning - hot! And: Warning - dangerously sharp!

Inexplicable Device - I've cheered up now! Hurrah! What does 'inot' mean?

Willowc - Shatner in Puzzle-Bobble!? Holy crap! Best idea EVAH! Who knows HTML and flash and all that crap?!

WillowC said...

p.s. someone found my blog through the search 'descriptive words beginning with "Z"' last week.

p.p.s. totally feel your pain on the burny food grump front. I once got sizzling cheese stuck to the roof of my mouth - couldn't eat for 3 days.

T-Bird said...

Oh! I second the motion of Jensen Ackles as Kirk. Ohh. Jensen Ackles.

Well, I hope your blues are clearing up. I absolutely spilled my coffee all over me when I read "Bridget Jones with a penis".

Champagne komedy!


Tim said...

Willowc - Interesting! What descriptive words DO begin with Z? I'm going to Google it!

Sizzling cheese on the roof of your mouth?! Ouch!

T-Bird - Reading that you spilled coffee on yourself has in turn made me smile! Well, that and the monkey!!

I hope it wasn't scalding coffee though!

iPandah said...

Wow, is it really a year since the Theoretical Secretary first appeared? Scary.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

'inot' = into. Or Inuit. Who knows?

I rather think that Chris Pine has eyes like he does because he's the bastard lovechild of HypnoToad and Elijah Wood.

Tim said...

iPandah - No, I think Theoretical secretary was a later addition. I'll check my theoretical employment records!

Inexplicable Device - Are you saying the new Kirk is … part hobbit?!