Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Midweek update

Nothing terribly coherent today - just some things I want to get off my manly chest.

First and foremost, I'm feeling far more cheerful today. That is a good thing, mostly because I did not reach the point where I wanted to punch someone or throw a complete mental in the office. Good times.

And on to…


I got a letter from my bank yesterday informing me that they'd made a massive mistake, and would not in fact be taking the best part of a grand out of my account to pay for my house insurance as they'd stated in a previous letter. This is a good thing for two reasons; most obviously, I would've been slightly irked if they'd taken a grand, but also because while I sort of remember getting the previous letter, I clearly didn't pay too much attention to what it said, because if I had I would've been slightly irked. Obviously.

But while they owned up for their silly, silly behaviour this time, I'm beginning to think that my general rule of thumb for dealing with bank letters - open, sigh audibly, skip to the end to see if it bears the legendary phrase "YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE ANY FURTHER ACTION," file in stack, take no further action - might need to be reconsidered.


I turned back time to 1999 today by popping the CD soundtrack to the Godzilla movie in my car. Before you berate me for being a weirdo, let me remind you that while the movie sucked reasonably royally, the soundtrack was actually quite good. In fact, I'd say it's right up there with Prince's Batman CD. Anyway, I was listening to it while driving home this evening, and was paying particularly close attention to the lyrics of Piff-paff-puff Daddy's 'Come With Me,' the track that sampled Led Zep's 'Kashmir' to quite good effect. Well, that is until you start paying close attention to the lyrics. May I present as evidence:
"I want to fight you
I'll f**king bite you"
What!? "I'll f**king bite you"?! Good grief, that's hardly gangsta is it, Mr. Daddy? Diddy. Doddy. Whatever. What are you - five?


On the subject of music, has everyone heard the new Kylie song? Yes? Effing dire, isn't it? Mind you, I'm not a fan of her music; if you ask me it's all been pretty much downhill since 'I should be so lucky.' Anyway, the new song - is it just me, or does everyone else feel utterly compelled to do jazz-hands during the "WOOOOO!" bit in the chorus?


Just watched Supernanny. Why is it that she never goes to a family that actually adhere to her rules when she leaves them at the mid-way point of the show? The parents *consistently* go utterly mental at their kids after about a day without her; I just saw one little brat punch his mum in the boob. I wonder how many times Supernanny thinks about tranq-darting the entire chavvy lot of them? Can you show people getting tranq-darted on telly? I hope so. Supernanny would make an awesome big-game hunter.

Location, Location, Location: LIVE! is on now. Kirsty-wotserface totally just said you should move to Wokingham if you want to "live long and prosper." Closet nerd. Marry me!


T-Bird said...

I love Location Location! We get it here a good few months after you on the Lifestyle channel. Strega Mama always has marathons with me!

Although why people would live long and prosper in a place called "Wokingham" is sort of strange...

All English names are so weird. But then so are Aussie ones. Try saying "Pimpama" or "Capalaba" I bet you will get them wrong.

Tim said...

I didn't actually realise it was called Wokingham. I just know it as Woking. It's a wicked little town, actually - has a huge jet fighter and massive tripods from War of the Worlds in the town centre (the first aliens land there in the H.G. Wells book).

I want to live in Pimpama. I'd lounge around by a pool Hugh Hefner stylee with mah honeys. The name demands nothing less!

Tara said...

When I think of "Super Nanny" I think of the show "Wife Swap" where two annoying families swap wives. They always have kids and at least one of the families has a rebel kid that has to be dealt with. I wind up getting so mad at everyone in the show before I realize how crazy I look.

Tim said...

That's a good show too - especially when they start slagging each other off at the end!!

T-Bird said...

There's actually a strawberry farm there and not much else - I suppose you could build a play boy mansion there...

I am so with you on wife swap, Tara. The families are just so awful to one another!

Cyfa said...

When's the wedding, then?

T-Bird said...

Oooh! I love weddings! Can I come?

Tim said...

T-Bird - Done deal. Can you evict the strawberry farmers for me, then I can get the builders in!

Cyfa - As soon as Supernanny lets me off the naughty step for looking at other women.

Tim said...

T-Bird - I'd be offended if you didn't!