Sunday, October 14, 2007

Annnnnnd… chillax…

Oh yeah. I'm sitting here, and I've just realised that this is the first weekend in a looooong time where I've been totally selfish and done only what I've wanted to do. And do you know what? It feels good.

Everyone should make time for me-time. Or you-time, if you see what I mean.

So how have I wasted this entire weekend? Like this:

• A decorator came round to look at the wood on the outside of Sparky Towers. It's been in dire need of tarting up since, well, I bought the place two years ago, so I thought I'd better do something about it - especially if winter's going to be half as wet and miserable as summer was. Despite appearances, it turns out my wood is healthy and strong (which came as a pleasant surprise bearing in mind how shitty it looks), and he's gonna make a start on it next week.

• Downloaded the demos for The Simpsons Game and Project Gotham Racing 4 on the Xbox. The Simpsons is surprisingly good fun, and feels like you're actually playing an episode, if that makes sense. PGR4 is something altogether different, though. I got PGR3 with my Xbox, and pretty much still regard it as the pinnacle of driving games. The new one - even in demo form - quite simply blows it away though - particularly the weather conditions; good lord, slamming that Ferrari through a massive puddle then gliding it beautifully on opposite-lock round a corner was quite frankly, and rather tragically, the sexiest thing I've done this weekend.

• A quick trip to Kingston to buy soap (I'm very particular about the soap I use), and using it as an excuse to drop into the Apple store to fiddle with an iPod Touch and a new iMac AGAIN. Seriously will be buying one of the latter veeeery sooooooon…

• Spent Saturday night updating my iTunes in anticipation of the above. Truth be told, I was a bit lazy from the word go when I got my first iPod, and my iTunes was home to partial albums, duplicate songs, and missing artwork. While I've not loaded everything I've got on there, I've put a significant proportion of hella-awesomeness on - including a live version of a David Bowie track I *love* that I didn't even know I owned!

• Read the four comics I bought this week - and was pleasantly surprised that they weren't actually that horrific! My appreciation of comics has, perversely, been tested recently by my love of Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez's Love and Rockets, and because I've been reading so much of their work over the last couple of weeks, it's served to highlight how dull most other comics are. I also read a lot more Love and Rockets, though, which only strengthened my appreciation for the Hernandez brothers' work as some of the very best comics, and indeed, literature around…

• Good. God. Sainsbury's toffee muffins, six for the price of four. They are AWESOME.

• Oh, I finally got round to hoovering. I wasn't joking when I said it was beginning to look like I had a shag carpet. I recognised about six weeks ago that it needed doing, but a variety of things got in the way and I kept making excuses not to do it. Job done now though! Thank god - it was beginning to bung up the wheels of my chair.

• Naps. It's criminal how much time I've spent in bed this weekend. I've had two long lie-ins, and two afternoon naps. My bedroom has such a warm glow about it when the sun shines in the window, particularly in autumn and winter, and I've been making the most of it. Either that or someone's been dropping chloroform on my pillow.

• Caught up on the second episode of Jericho - still not really doing it for me: I'm giving it one more chance to catch my attention before I ditch it - and the first episode of Californication starring David Duchovny and some woman I used to see in the pub round the corner from my office. I thought I'd either love this or hate it, and was surprised to find myself in the middle ground, nudging closer, perhaps, to the loving end of the scale. It's a bit like Sex and the City from a male perspective, and Duchovny is very good; it even made me laugh out loud at one point. Definitely one to keep an eye on, as long as it can keep up the momentum.

That's me then - all that's left to do is the washing up and a run, then I'm going to settle down with my book and maybe catch an early-ish night.

*satisified sigh*


T-Bird said...


Cyfa said...
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Inexplicable DeVice said...

* crash *

Shit. I've dropped the chloroform, now I'll never get those remaining sticky toffee muffins off him!

That was me. Bugger.

Tim said...

T-Bird - you are indeed!

Tim said...

IDV - Keep your hands off my sweet sweet muffins!

T-Bird said...

Erm, now that is over with... I *heart* lush too - but prefer their bath bombs. Have you tried the Mor range as well? The smell like desserts. The Sorbet one is divine.

You mean to say that Natasha McElhone (I think that's how to spell her name) used to drink at the pub around the corner? Where are you living? The British equivalent of Hollywood?

Sounds like a tops weekend!

T-Bird said...

Whoa - you guys are quick! I am glad I firsted when I could.

Peecat just hunted and played with a moth - perversley I captured the whole thing on cameramaphone. The literally toyed with it and watched it squirm...

Tara said...

I love weekends when I can do whatever I want. I too did some hoovering because my mom was coming over on Saturday. She wanted something posted on Ebay and wanted me to help her through the steps. We also watched "Hannibal Rising"..Totally loved that movie.

Oh and today I bought a Halloween costume and some necessities. The soap I buy has to be unscented cuz I'm allergic. I know you needed to know that. :D

WillowC said...

That's not the only sighting in that pub, is it, didn't Stan see someone scarily famous there not long ago, or am I making that up?

missy&chrissy said...

what Bowie song??

and we're almost through the season of Californication here - i say stick with it! i didn't think the show was so hot at first, but it really starts to hit its groove a few episodes in..

Tim said...

T-Bird - I'm not so big on the bath bombs, mainly because I shower and the effect is kind of ruined when they smash against the bottom of the tub. I totally want to eat their products, though, even if they would make me foam at the mouth.

Yes, that Natasha woman used to drink in the pub by the office in Hammersmith. She has very long hair. Must get through an awful lot of frizz-ease.

I want to see video footage of Pee-cat going mental!

Tara - It must've been a world-wide hoover-tastic weekend! The Lush stuff is all natural - I can totally tell the difference from using regular soap. And it's always good to know soapy-requirements, just incase I ever send you any soap!

Willowc - That's right, he saw, well, WE saw, Ozzy Osbourne sitting outside eating bat's head soup. Or it might've been Leak and Potato. It was difficult to tell.

Missy&Chrissy - It was 'The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell' from the album Hours… Top track!

I'm totally going to stick with Californication. I was pretty much sold on it when that girl punched him in the face while they were having sex, the cheeky thang!