Monday, May 07, 2007

Fun on the bank holiday

Well, has the bank holiday been fun for everyone? Assuming you're British, because if you're not chances are you didn't have a three day weekend, so nyehh-nyehh-ne-ne-ne-nyehh!

Ahem. Sorry about that. A tad childish, eh?

I've had quite a good one, must be said. Aside from yesterday's bike ride, I met up with Marcosy and laughed at emos in Kingston on Saturday, and was incredibly proud of myself by resisting the temptation to buy a fancy new shirt while browsing the shops.

Oh, but then I went back on Sunday morning and bought it.

Um, what else have I done. Oh, yeah - I literally cleaned Sparky Towers from top to bottom today. Well, actually it was bottom to top because I find it easier to hoover downstairs first and then do upstairs. It needed a good hoover, must be said; I'd left it so long there was dust-tumbleweed blowing across the floor. And I cleaned the bathroom, poly-fillered some holes in the wall (still prepping for decorating the bathroom!), dusted, AND sorted out some dinks in my wood flooring with an awesome wax repair stick; seriously, I'm looking now at where stupid-former-owner-girl had gouged this massive hole in the floor and I *can't* see where it was - result!

What else… Oh, Stand By Me was on the telly last night, and - can you believe this - I've never seen it, so I started watching it. But it got to about 00:10 and I was nodding off so I taped the rest and watched it this afternoon. What a great movie!

I had actually planned on washing my car today as well, seeing as I had a bit of a cleaning vibe going on, but because the typical British bank holiday weather kicked in I decided against it; I figured the neighbours might think I'd gone loopy if I was washing my car in a torrential downpour.

Anyway, all in all, it's been a pretty good one. My only decision now: watch Cheaper By The Dozen on Channel 4, or Agent Cody Banks on Channel 5. It's a veritable smorgasboard of Hilary Duff!


M&J said...

Fuck me, I'm first!

I've never seen Stand By Me either.

Dammit! What am I doing? I only popped in to call IVF a cunt while he's not paying attention.

Tara said...

"Stand By Me" was definitely a good movie. I've seen it oodles of times. I'm in the U.S., so I don't get another long weekend until the end of May, which is...I think...Memorial Day. I have it marked on my calendar at work. Love those three-day weekends.

Tim said...

m&j - By god, you're good at getting in first! In fact, you're so quick off the mark that IVF's not here yet!

Tara - Yeah, I really liked it, even though I did miss the first five minutes or so. And it had Slider's Jerry O'Connell in it as comedy fat kid!

We've got another holiday at the end of May for … some reason. Then I think there's one in August, then Christmas Day!!

M&J said...

IVF's probably sat in a corner somewhere, playing with his brush.

Two comments from us on one post. You should feel proud.

I don't know why, but we're liking it around here. At least you post more frequently than she who should be burnt at the stake, making our surfind efforts and clickety-clicks much more worthwhile.

I have an odd urge to start singing 'A Hundred Green Bottles' at the moment. I'll try my best to resist.

M&J said...

'Surfind'??? Did you see that! The fucking interweb's messing with our words again!

Three comments now!

Any more from us and you'll no doubt be asking for our autograph.

And the answers 'No'.

Not unless you have a massive willy and send us photographic proff.

Which we know you haven't. IVF told us so.

M&J said...

'Proff' now.

I think there's some tomfoolery going on around these parts.



Inexplicable DeVice said...


There's no tomfoolery, it's just that you two are rubbish! Were you drunk?

I've stopped playing with 'my brush' (I assume you mean Broom?) now, and am out for revenge. Well, after I've had some wine, that is.

And Tim: Sorry.

Tim said...

m&j - What? Hello! Proud? Eh? Yes, OK then. I'm proud!

Don't worry about the spackery spelling - it's just my 'Allo 'Allo filter kicking in. It's what happens if you piss by here more than wahnce.

An autograph for what? *sigh* Boys, boys, boys. Fine, if you really want to see willy, click here

IVF. I mean IDV - Bless ya! Don't worry!

skillz said...

River Phoenix is great in SBM.

Didn't really do much on spank holiday monday except watch West Wing...

Tim said...

He wasn't so great in the picture I saw of him on the intermaweb today post 'the tragic accident,' if ya knows whats I means.


Did you not indulge yourself in some quality Duff-age?