Wednesday, December 05, 2007


During a bit of email bantering with Marcosy this morning, he made a joke - for a number of reasons I shan't go into, although they did have something to do with a lady - that I should carry a spare pair of trousers with me.

Never a truer word was said in jest.

Because while walking back to the office at lunchtime the heavens opened and I got *soaked*. Now, despite Britland's reputation for crappy, miserable weather, it's been about 15 years since I last got drenched while out and about; usually it's just rubbish rain that gently mists your face and might make your hair go frizzy, if you're prone to frizzy hair. This was something else entirely, so much so that I took refuge under a pub awning; not, however, before the bastard had got me well and good.

And two minutes later it was all blue sky and sunshine again, and I was the right spanner going back to work looking for all the world like I'd spent my lunchtime splashing about in the pond in Ravenscourt Park like a damp special. I was so damp, in fact, that I seriously considered dropping trou in the office, popping them on a radiator to dry, and spending the afternoon at my desk in my pants*. I decided against it, though, because (and not wanting to preempt one of IDV's 'Ask Tim'** questions) I favour the more snug-fitting type of undercrackers (I like my bits to be supported; you never know when you might find yourself on a trampoline in your pants, and I'd hate to have someone's eye out), and I didn't want to distract anyone with the occasional outline of me ol' fella, if ya know what I mean.

It's also worth noting that I went to the cinema after work and didn't get home till after nine, and my socks were still wet. Wet socks do not smell good.

Auxiliary trousers pending.

* And, for my American friends, by 'pants' I actually mean 'underwear.'

** Please continue to send in your 'Ask Tim' questions as described in the post below. And by 'continue' I mean 'actually send some' because only Tara and IDV have done so, which would make a pretty pathetic post, and I'm supposed to have at least eight if I follow the taggy thing format. Willowc, in particular, I'm disappointed by your lack of response bearing in mind that you tainted me with this thing in the first place.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I am somewhat concerned, yet excited, by the fact that you could have someone's eye out while tramampolining in your pants.
I take it there wouldn't be anyone on the tramampoline with you for safety reasons, which only leaves me to conclude that your 'reach' is most impressive.

Tara said...

Thank you for reminding us Americans what you mean by "pants"! Although I finally know what the expression "that's pants" means, I completely forgot until you mentioned it in here. I was imagining how uncomfortable it is when pants (the American sense) are wet. Wet underwear and wet socks feel awful, and if it's winter and snow gets caked into them (the socks no the underwear), then that's even worse.

WillowC said...

I already did one, the Anthony farts! I knew the answer to that one, though, I didn't have to ask.

But fine fine, most interesting mishap, by which I mean broken bones, bruises, sprains or other numptyings.

Dinah said...

Ask Tim, eh? Let's see.......what's one toy/game/item from your childhood that you would totally play with now if you had one.

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Your "most impressive" reminded me of Darth Vader's statement in Empire Strikes Back.

Tara - It was VERY uncomfortable. And my jeans were damp too - wet denim is not nice.

Willowc - I thought that was more of a random statement. I like your proper question.

Dinah - That's a loaded question isn't it? I could quite easily come off sounding like a man-child!!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

* hooooooosshhh chvooossshhhhh *

(Is that even spelt right?)

* hooooooosshhh chvooossshhhhh *

(Oh, well. You know what I mean.)

Ah, your evasive manoeuvers are quite brilliant.

* hooooooosshhh chvooossshhhhh *

Speaking of manhoovering...