Thursday, August 23, 2007

I write blog posts not tragedies: The Decaydance Festival at the Hammersmith Apollo

Another day, another gig! Having just gotten home, I had the option of watching tonight's Heroes, cracking open my Boston Legal Season Two boxset, or settling down in bed with my book. But what am I doing instead? I'm sharing people. Can you feel the love?

Today was the Decaydance Festival at the Hammersmith Apollo, and for those not in the know, that meant five bands:

• Cobra Starship
• The Academy is…
• Gym Class Heroes
• Panic! At the Disco
• Fall Out Boy

Right, I will say straight off that the audience was full of ungainly and awkward looking emos, most notably the rather bizarre one in the row in front of us that danced like an electrified monkey. It was also quite clear that Yaz and I were decidedly lacking in emo apparel. Neither of us were wearing strips, socks on our hands, mascara, or Converse trainers. Or t-shirts saying 'I LOVE YOU PETE WENTZ!' (mine was in the wash). And we missed the first band because Yaz had to get a couscous salad from M&S (it was either that or she'd fall over), and the queue was massive so we didn't get in until they'd finished. Hey-ho.

I'll be honest - the first two bands we saw, The Academy is… and Gym Class Heroes, didn't really do much for me; I only really wanted to go to this to see Panic! At the Disco and, to a lessor degree Fall Out Boy, and remember I'm still in the process of coming down from The Rolling Stones last night. In fact, I'm beginning to think that I should have a gig exclusion zone for about a month after seeing the Stones because it's unfair to compare anything else to them.

Anyway, on the plus side, Panic! At the Disco were bloody awesome, and they appear to be shedding some of their emo-esque tendencies, possibly in an effort to increase their appeal? I don't know. What I do know is that their show was massively toned down from the theatrics they've used before (which I've seen via the delights of youtube), but they were still very engaging to watch. They played a cover of some old song I rather like but can't remember the name of which was cool, and two new tracks which sounded very summery and uplifting, and dare I say it, rather Ben Folds-like. Who'd-a-thunk-it? Ha - and Brendon Urie made a reference to the infamous bottling incident (if you don't know what I'm on about, search youtube for 'Panic! At the Disco Reading Festival bottling') after he threw a plastic bottle into the audience: "I hope I didn't hurt anyone," he said, "I know what it's like…"

Anyway, with another band on my 'desperately want to see' list ticked off, I could've gone home a happy bunny after seeing Panic! But why go home when there was more to come?

Fall Out Boy were the last act on, and they were pretty damned good. Not upto Panic! levels if you ask me, but good nonetheless. You can't complain when they play covers of 'Beat It' and Huey Lewis' 'The Power of Love,' even if at least two thirds of the audience weren't born when the originals came out. I should probably say that I'm slightly scared by the lead singer's resemblance to the actor who plays the chief suspect in the movie Zodiac, and the whole 'This Ain't a Scene…' thing has been slightly ruined by the "I'm a little man … also into cats" video that popped up on youtube a while back.

All in all though, a good evening that probably would've been an amazing evening if I'd not seen the Stones last night, and if Panic! At the Disco had played for longer than 40 minutes.

Obligatory youtubey-ness! First up - Panic! At the Disco!

Next up - Fall Out Boy!

Off to bed now.


Dinah said...

So, are you like, part emo now? From all the exposure? Do we need to have a mascara intervention?

hee. When I see Fall Out Boy the first thing I think of is that youtube video!

whoo! for panic! at the disco!

Tim said...

Dinah - I'm so not emo! Being among them made me realise that. That said, some of them were rather pleasant folk. Yaz got chatting to two, one of whom she named 'Whatever,' and got an intense smile from a third.

Dinah said...

y'know, I have to say that the title of this post makes me really happy. I can't explain it, but it always puts a smile on my face.

How are you liking facebook?

Tim said...

Ah, Dinah, I can explain why you like the title: at it's core it suggests that my blog is a haven - somewhere you can come, where everyone can come, to escape the troubles of everyday life. Why? Because I write blog posts, not tragedies. Who wants to read about global warming and unending conflicts when you can read something that takes you away from your problems, let's you escape to a better place? It's like the Neverending Story, but without a catchy theme tune and a white dragon. It's like Linus' comfort blanket. By writing blog posts not tragedies, we're all doing our bit to make this world a better place.

Facebook? Neh. Plus points: back in touch with a few people I used to work with.

Minus points: the novelty wore off pretty damn quickly.