Saturday, August 18, 2007

Done and dusted

So, after a furious week of non-stop work and looming deadlines, everything is finished, wrapped up nicely with a pretty little bow on top - and I am on holiday!


I have 10 days to do with as I please, oh yeeeeah. So whatever shall I do? Well, I started well last night by popping along to my old haunt - the Irish pub, or the 'oyrish,' as it should probably be called - in Putney to help the lovely Nikki celebrate her *quitely mumbles* somethingsomething birthday, which was great because it gave me the chance to catch up with some old friends I worked with long ago and hadn't seen for ages. Good times!

Today I've woken up with crazy-man hair, which must mean I slept a much-needed sleep of the gods last night. When I've flattened it down, I'll be popping out with Marcosy in an attempt to make him spend thousands of pounds on a new iMac.

Did I just say new iMac? I just said new iMac.

*insert mental image of Tim drooling like Homer Simpson*

I so badly want one, but because the software we use at work is so old it's incompatible with them. *makes note to self to push for software upgrade upon return* That being the case, I'm going to live vicariously through Marcosy. I could also knee-cap him and steal it. Hmmm…

So what else is on the agenda for the coming week? Well, let me tell you people, excitement and imagination await at the final frontier!

• Tuesday will see Sparky Ma and I bear witness to the greatest rock 'n roll spectacle on Earth!
• Wednesday will see my transformation into an emo become complete!
• Other days are still to be determined!
• But I do have an appointment at the bank scheduled!
• And a haircut!

Wow. I think I need a lie down. The excitment has gotten to me already.


While I plan world domination, has anyone else noticed the similarity between the new Foo Fighters song 'The Pretender' and the classic Sesame Street 'One of these things is not like the other'?

The Foos:

And now Sesame Street (although I'm using an advert for the new Mini Clubman 'cos it's funny):

Can't you just tell Dave Grohl's got a kid now?


Dinah said...

this made me go look up a whole bunch of sesame-street related youtube clips. Yay!

Have a great holiday!

Tim said...

I love Sesame Street. When I was at senior school I'd go home and watch it at lunchtime!

They don't show it over here anymore…

12345, 678910-11-12!!!!

Man, I loved that typewriter with arms.

Dinah said...

Oh my god, Tim, I'm wearing that shirt right now!

And I'm watching an OC marathon!

It's like I've meshed into you!

Tim said...

Dinah - the link doesn't work! There's some cool shirts there though - just can't find the one you're talking about!!

And an OC marathon?! Ohmygod!! That sounds like the best thing EVAH! I'm so tempted to just start watching all my DVDs of it right now!!

We have become one - you're officially the Canadinialand annex of Sparky Malarkey!!!! Or am I the UK branch of Dinah Says Nothing…?

Dinah said...

It's the first five or six episodes to celebrate the OC starting on our music network. It's pretty awesome, even if there are like, three episodes where the main drama is "Will Ryan stay?"

missy&chrissy said...

sesame street and the foo fighters are two of my fave things - i'm thrilled you managed to connect them both in the same post!

but i actually heard the song 'the pretender' on the radio yesterday and the two are so similar - its pretty funny.

Tim said...

Dinah - Oh my, the classics! You must have seen the kertillian episodes! Are you keeping a tick sheet of how many people Ryan's punched?

Missy&Chrissy - They are similar, aren't they? I hope the Foos go on Sesame Street and perform it. With Cookie Monster on backing vocals!