Monday, August 20, 2007

Easing myself in gently

Three days into my break from work and things haven't exactly been going swimmingly. I developed a headache on Saturday which ended up making me feel slightly nauseous, though I managed to hold it back and did not redecorate the interior of Marcosy's car during our failed trip to buy multiple iMacs/steal some random's iPhone.

On Sunday I woke up to find that the headache was still lurking; it was thus probably not the best thing in the world evah, then, to sit in front of the telly all day playing Xbox. By the evening I felt just a little bit horrific.

Today I was rudely awoken by the groundskeepers tending to the lawns. I was rather tempted to stride on to the veranda and ask them to keep it down*.

On the plus side, the headache's gone.


So with my first proper day of holiday ahead of me, what the hell did I do? Well I'll tell you: I went to Sainsbury's.

Now this might not really sound like something that would generally induce a round of fresh pants, but it was just a little bit more exciting than usual because they've refurbished my store! It was like a food-based adventure, though starting off was a bit tricky because they'd replaced the fruit and veg bit with ladies clothes. Not that I usually hang around in fruit and veg too long - it's generally just the bit that guides me towards puddings.

Anyway, bypassing ladies clothes and fruit and veg, I managed to find the normal food bits, and proceeded to fill my trolley with all manner of delights. The Covent Garden Soup Company's honey porridge (comes in a carton, not too sure whether it's one serving or two), new limited-edition orange Coke (tastes like flat tango), and Stony's chocolate yoghurt (tastes awesome, and helps save the planet - everyone's a winner!). There was some other stuff too, but I shan't bore you by typing out my receipt.

What was mildly perplexing though, was the fact that as I was rolling my trolley towards the back of the store, I noticed that it felt heavier. My initial thought was that they'd initiated a dense gravity field the further into the store you went, and at some point, possibly around the bakery, it might collapse into a black hole. But no, parking my trolley by the milk I realised that there was actually a gradual incline the further into the store you went. Weird, I thought, before noticing that sweets and cakes are located at the back of the shop; this is obviously a cunning ploy by Sainsbury's to tackle Britain's obesity timebomb.


OK, I finally caved people: I joined Facebook. So far it's been one completely confusing mess; I've been poked several times by a variety of people, and Lee took my wall virginity, which was surprisingly painless. On the plus side, I've been befriended by several awesome people I have worked with/currently work with/met via blogging/am in danger of being stalked by, so all's just ducky.

I don't quite understand why it's supposedly better than Myspace (which in my opinion so far is a lot more user friendly), but it's only died on me twice today, so it seems infinitely more reliable than Myspace.

Lord knows how the hell you link to it, so if you want to friend me, or face me, or book me, or whatever the hell it's called, just search for me by my real name. Shouldn't be too difficult…

*And by that I mean: today I was rudely awoken by some nutters with lawn mowers butchering the communial grounds in my road. I was rather tempted to lean out of my window while rocking crazy-man hair and shout "keep it down, you f**king f**kers!"


Dinah said...

I was already plotting out my comment (which was a Summer Roberts channelled "Orange Coke? Ew.") when I was hit in the face with the facebook news.

Hee! This is awesome. I think I'm going to have to friend you, as it's probably the only way to see your profile.

You're going to love it. The first little while is so stalkery!

Tim said...

Orange coke - ew indeed! Thanks for the Summer quote - it's made me smile!!!

Do friend me Dinah. Lord knows, IDV's on there and he's being stalker-rific!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Bleaurgh! If the rest of your shopping list was even half as disgusting as the three items you mentioned, I'm glad you didn't tell us the rest of it! Chocolate yogurt?!

* vom *

Aaaaannd... back to Facebook: Yay! You've succumbed! Now my stalking shall know no bounds!!

* evil cackle *

Tim said...

How rude! I'll have you know that one out of those three was delicious, the other was 'ugh,' and the third is pending!

Facebook is waning for me already. Once you get over the initial "ooo, friend!" stage it gets a bit boring.

Isn't it about time you posted a new blog post?

Tara said...

Well I'm glad your headache went away. I used to get tension headaches all the time in school and if I didn't tend to them right away, they'd make me nauseous. Very rude. I am on Facebook, although I don't quite know why. So I'll look for ya.

Oh and today is: "Dance Like Mick Jagger Day (Tim Goes to See "The Rolling Stones")" for you, but I haven't posted anything yet (as of 8:49am EST). Are you still going to see The Rolling Stones?

WillowC said...

Don't friend him :( I did and within five minutes he'd called me a clumsy bitch and refused to become my jedi minion :(

Tim said...

Tara - Yeah, find me, friend me! And hell yes I still went to see the Stones!!! Literally just got home, and will be popping over to yours in a short while to Jagger it up!!

Willowc - Don't interfere! You earned the clumsy bitch tag after falling off your chair, and I'll have you know I'm nobody's minion! Wrong franchise, plus I don't understand what it's all about - I was rushing out when you asked and I didn't have a chance to investigate further. But I shall!