Monday, July 19, 2010

30 days of yoga: Day 9 - Urge to punch

The one thing I've never *quite* got with yoga is the slightly zen-like feeling it's supposed to induce. I always leave class on some sort of endorphin high, and then I walk into Sainsbury's, some scrummy-mummy wheels her trolley into me, and quite frankly I just want to punch someone.

Today was the first time I've wanted to actually do it in class, though.

Before class had even started I began to suspect that the rabble might be in; there was a bunch of people who were nattering away really loudly, which you're not really supposed to do in the studio and it seriously put me off my nap time a bit. In the end a young lady got up and asked them to keep it down a bit. Props to her.

But then when class started…

Basically I had a mannish-looking woman on my left who thought it was OK to dump her towel on my mat when she didn't need it, and a guy on my right who thought it was OK to put his water bottle on my towel when he'd taken a drink. It wasn't, and I let him know as such by relaxing fully backwards in fixed firm pose - which I can't usually do, but somehow gained the ability today, possibly because I was so incensed - and knocking his water over.

Good times, I think you'll agree.

He did actually apologise, but then at the end of class while relaxing in savasana I felt something against my leg. Turns out he'd decided to spread himself out a bit and encroach on my Batman towel. Outrageous. In disgust I got up and pulled it out from under him. I hope he got carpet burns on his hands as a result - it's not what you'd call a fluffy towel, and cheap, sweaty, fast-moving towelling can be particularly unforgiving on soft skin.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Cheap and sweaty? Ha! I knew it!

Oh, yes: People truly are scum.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I think WV is playing up. I had to type it in three times because apparently my correct WVing was wrong. Stupid WV!

Tim said...

Cheap and sweaty - two words you're very familiar with?


CyberPete said...

People invading your space is so not kool.

Maybe the water bottle guy was letting you know that he was available for more yoga poses outside of class. Why not take it as a compliment and be above it all. You know, zen style.

I'd have cut off his nads if he'd done that to me and weren't cute.

Tara said...

Do people think that, since everyone is supposed to be relaxed and lining up their chakras, that they can impede on personal space without being noticed? Rude.

Maybe they were jealous of your towel?