Wednesday, July 21, 2010

30 days of yoga: Day 11 - poop

Don't go thinking I went into this 30 day yoga challenge blind; I did my planning, and I did my research.

The planning entailed making sure I had a comprehensive idea of how many pairs of kit I'd need, and exactly when they would need to be washed.

The research involved Googling other people's experiences of doing the 30 day challenge, and reading up on how it effected them. The results were overwhelmingly positive as you might guess, because otherwise it's highly unlikely I would've bothered with the challenge and this post would instead be about something inane like stroking a kitten or buying a solid chocolate KitKat (love those - as I kid I convinced myself they were so rare that they could imbue me with magical powers).

There was, however, one comment on a message board that did ring some alarm bells. I can't for the life of me find it know, so trust me when I say the gist of it was:

"Wow, I find Bikram yoga has so many positive benefits. I can just feel the toxins flooding out of my body - I even have to go to the toilet (no. 2) around four or five times a day!"

Now, I love a good poo as much as the next person, but four or five times a DAY?! I'm a busy man - I don't have time to keep popping off to the toilet because my body's running at peak effieciency! Four or five times a day? That can't be good, can it? Surely by about the third or fourth time you'd be straining your spleen and colon out? I've had diarrhea less potent than that.

Fortunately, my worries have fallen by the wayside. Eleven days in and I genuinely don't feel the need to recreate the end fight sequence from Aliens where Ripley flushes the Queen out of an airlock over the toilet bowl on an hourly basis. Although, in one class last week, the teacher did use the word 'hemorrhoids' and the phrases 'constipation-relief' and 'follow-through' in quick succession, so maybe there's something in it after all?


CyberPete said...

That's.... Disturbing.

Zumba it is, then.

Tim said...

I think the person who posted that comment had some sort of bowel disorder or parasite.

Ponita in Real Life said...

And here I thought you were finally getting tired! ;-)

Joanna Cake said...

I think it's more likely that the person posted had a poor digestive system in the first place and it was taking a lot of effort to flush out all those toxins :)

I now have six weeks off so the challenge for me is getting out of bed to continue going to my regular classes. I could go in the evening but it's not quite the same. Although Im more bendy, I find being energised that late stops me from sleeping, even tho I also feel relaxed. It's quite a conundrum

Have you tried yoga in the evening?

Tara said...

Going four or five times a day doesn't sound like fun times to me, either.

One of my friends liked to detoxify her body on occasion by drinking some kind of godawful drink concoction. It looked vile.

Tim said...

Ponita - Me? Nah!

Joanna Cake - Hello! I agree, I think there must've been something a bit wrong at the very least!

Ah, now I find I'm better in the evening - all my yoga classes at the moment are evening classes. I used to be better in the morning, but I only get to do that at the weekend, so I think I've adapted to the familiarity of the evening routine.

Tara - Ugh. I've heard of those detox drinks - they look and smell AWFUL!!