Friday, July 25, 2008

A tale of two Tims: The Wedding Day 7k

Of all the days and times to do a club run, Friday night at 19:30 might seem like a bit of an odd one. But to be honest it wasn't, and actually turned into a rather lovely evening. In fact it's been a rather lovely day full stop because knowing that I'd need to sort myself out for the run I decided to take a half day at work so was home nice and early.

So, by about half past six I'd parked up in Hampton and at Sweatband's instruction met her outside the United Reform Church – which is tragically the best offer I've had since the last run we did when she said "see you under Twickenham Bridge at 8:20." I do lead an exciting life, don't I?

We then strutted into Bushy Park where, after learning it at Tuesday's running club warm-up, I gave Sweatband a crash-course in how to do the plank, as I'm now an expert in it. Obviously. Abs of steel. Soon after that we started bumping into other members of running club - including a lovely lady who's got a dog. Called Tim. 

I am not kidding when I tell you that every time someone called that dog I instinctively turned round. One of us seriously has to change their name. I've always been partial to Wolfgang.

Anyway, shortly after that we all lined up at the start line. There were loads of people - waaaaaay more than at the Dysart Dash 10k, and our times were being recorded by snazzy computer chips that we had to attach to our shoes. And this is where I'm going to digress for a moment, because the chips were pretty freakin' large, and looked a bit like a cream cracker.


And just how did this miraculous piece of technology attach to my shoe? With two good ol' fashioned wire-twist pipe-cleaners, of course. That's the future right there. How advanced. Anyway, between this chip and my Nike+ running sensor, my feet are seriously beginning to look like they're getting bogged down by technomalogical gubbins. I wonder if this has any bearing on my time? 

Compliments on my legs should be sent to the usual address.

Let's get back to the run, eh? Where were we? Oh yes - so we were at the start line, and some dude was shouting out some important information but wasn't using a megaphone so we couldn't hear him. What we did hear moments later, though, was a klaxon signaling that we were off. My intention was to stick pretty close to Sweatband, but there were just so many people that this quickly proved impossible. That and the fact I'm running faster than her these days*.

I was really glad to be off, to be honest, because although it's been a lovely warm sunny day, Bushy Park is quite open and there was a bit of a chill; within moments of starting my hand grazed across my chest and I felt something cold and pointy. I'm still not sure if it one of the safety pins holding my number on, or my right nipple.

Anyway, it was a really good run - the course was awesome (and thankfully virtually flat), and although I think I probably started a little too quickly and grew a little fatigued around the halfway point, I persevered and just. Kept. Going. And as the finish line came into view I pulled one of my notorious sprint finishes out of the bag; I actually felt a little bit bad about this at first because I zoomed straight between two people I'd been pacing behind over the last third of the course, but then I figured you snooze, you lose *snaps*. 

I'd guestimated (and hoped) that I'd probably finish around the 40 minute mark, but *drum roll please* I actually did it in 36:24, which I'm really pleased with. Here's my sexy graph because my Nike+ widget is still all FUBAR'd, apparently:

I think you can see where I grew fatigued, but checkout the sprint finish!

After that it was just a matter of cashing in my timing chip for my official Wedding Day 7k t-shirt!

I'd model it but it'd get all sweaty.

It kind of looks like the runners on the t-shirt are naked. I'll have to check that out more closely. 

So with the run bit out of the way it was just a matter of chillaxing in the summer sun. There was a whole picnic thing going on, and I got chatting to a few people I've gotten to know at running club, and bizarrely enough a lady I know who goes to running club, but who works at the company where I park my car at work. Small world, huh? Sweatband spent a bit of time trying to cajol Tim the dog's owner into being my new running trainer seeing as I've outgrown her, and I have a horrible feeling that I might end up a broken man if all these ladies have their way *grins*.

As the sun set and the evening drew to a close, however, things looked like they might've taken a rather unfortunate turn; "Oi!" I heard from a group of people just a little way away from us. "Tim's just pissed on my bag!" I immediately put my hands up and shouted back "No I didn't!"

Turns out it was the dog.


So, what else am I doing this weekend?


I've already bought my ticket!

And yes, that photo was taken post-run. You may send compliments on my chest to the usual address.

*My how the tables have turned!


WillowC said...

14 hours till the Dark Knight and counting! Oh. My. GOD the excitement.

I'm trying to think of ways we can utilise this newfound speediness. Perhaps we could send you off for really rare biscuits before the movie starts or something.

Tara said...

Maybe they should insert chips surgically (like a shot in the neck with a teeny tiny tracker) so that runners don't have to be bogged down with large chips? Course you seem to do lots of runs, so that might be hard on you, especially going through metal detectors at the airport.

Way to go on the run! Why did they call it the Wedding Day 7k?

Is 19:30 like 9:30pm?

Dinah said...

Awesome! Yay for a great time and a great run. I'll leave comments on the the dazzling physique for others (but I echo them). And whoo! for Dark Knight. I can't wait for you to see it and then talk about it.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

* clutches edge of desk to keep from toppling backwards after swooning at chest (and accompanying fuzz) and sexy WTF-face *

I'm supposed to be getting ready for work, but Can't. Stop. Ogling.

OK. I really must go. I'll leave a proper comment from work, later...

watch*paint*dry said...

Them pipe-cleaners are wonderful things, never seen anyone actually clean a pipe with them though.

CyberPete said...

Well hello there Timothy *winks*

It sounds like a fabulous day. If it didn't have all that running I might have been up for that.

Did you spill something on your sock?

Tim said...

Willowc - EEK: bang on four hours!! I feel like I could hexplode!

Believe me, however fast I am there is no way I'm moving the moment I drop into that seat.

Tara - That sounds suspiciously like you're trying to turn me into a Borg drone from Star Trek! Or a dog - don't they give dogs chips in the neck?

It was called the Wedding Day 7k because the very first one was held on the day that Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married, apparently. As for 19:30, that's actually half past seven, so I finished just a little after eight o'clock!

Dinah - I'm super Dark Knight excited! I do hope it doesn't disappoint because I really want it to be one of the bestest films EVAH!

Inexplicable Device - I do hope you actually remembered to LET GO of the desk and GO TO WORK?

Watch*Paint*Dry - I know! What's that all about!? I usually call them tie-wraps, but I wasn't sure if that was just me though!

Cyberpete - Hi. The running bit was good - you should give it a whirl! C'mon, we've encouraged you to go to the cinema on your own, now you should go running!

AS for my sock, no, I did not spill anything. It's part of a Nike swoosh that is mostly concealed in the ripples of sock.

CyberPete said...

How very snazzy!

I hate running but I should definately do *something*

I like those eliptical machines.

Tim said...

You should try doing the plank. It's good for your core muscles and makes you feel awesome!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Bah! Here I am at horrid old work having managed to let go of my desk (I did leave finger indentations, though).

Hurrah for your super awesome run time! Not long now until Dark Knight shennanigans...

Tara said...

Oh no, definitely don't want to turn you into a dog - but yes they do that to pets. I have mixed feelings about that. A Star Trek Borg drone sounds interesting, though...Hmm...

That plank exercise looks painful but effective.

The Pirate King said...

I'm a big fan of the plank. I... oh, I was going to try to write a comment about exercises but got distracted by your chest and my envy at your Dark Knight tickets.

Dora said...

Lord, how many swooning queens are there on this comment board?

I am interested to know whether anybody stacked it because of the sheer size of those chips. So much for not having extra weight.

CyberPete said...

I did the plank

for like 20 seconds. It felt bloody brilliant though. I may have to start doing that more often although it's more like the hammock.

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Just got back from Dark Knight shenanigans: *SQUEAL*

Tara - I don't think I'd like to be a drone… I like my individuality! And the plank is painful (at least at first)!

The Pirate King - It's easy to be distracted by Dark Knight tickets - I certainly think I need to get some more…


I didn't see anyone stack it, but it wouldn't have surprised me at all.

Cyberpete - You get used to it - keep it up! And not sagging like a hammock.

CyberPete said...

It is quite fantastic. Even if I did manage to get rug burns on my arms. Hmmm.

Tim said...

Oh, erm, that's not supposed to happen!

CyberPete said...

Um well I um, errr, wasn't really alone for that. Someone was lending a helping hand.

*turns pink and changes subject*

How was Batman then?

Tim said...

I don't think you were doing it right.

Batman? AWESOME.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

* raises hand from prone position on floor *

Tim said...

For a minute there I thought your Device might've dropped off again.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

No, it's firmly attached. As I could be to you, if you'd only relent.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Or something less creepy...

I blame the heat, the wine, and getting back late without going straight to bed.

WV is yahyden. So, are you hiding?

T-Bird said...

Wine and the plank - never a good combo.

That microchip looks a little like a Sayo biscuit...

Tim said...

Inexplicabe Device - Eeeeeuuuuuuw!! Creepiest. Comment. Evah!

Damn right I'm hiding!

T-Bird - Wine and blog-commenting: also never a good combo!

T-Bird said...

Wine and blog commenting is quite simply the best. Idea. EVAH.

Well, for everybody except for the comment-er. Because there's the whole morning after...

*hands IDV some aspirin and vitamin B*

CyberPete said...

It may not have been done right, but it sure felt good.

So IDVs a lush again eh?

OddThomas said...

Gotta agree with you on Batman - totally awesome! Mr Ledger certainly deserves the acclaim he's been getting.

Tim said...

T-Bird - I agree! He's been very quiet today…

Cyberpete - Lush?! Slaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

Odd Thomas - Wasn't it cool!? I really want to see it again!

T-Bird said...

I hope he's having a nice sleep in and some headache pills. I don't miss red wine hangovers.